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Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

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  • CHF 5.- A SNAILEY new desktop pic :) 88 takenä

    A SNAILEY new desktop pic :)

    No one's too small to be a help! Humus farming stands for biodiversity, and even snails their place there - especially if they are round and silvery (because, incidentally, in Swiss German, a snail refers to a piece of 4 Swiss franks : ) If you throw 5 CHF into the pot, we will email you a humus-rich wallpaper as a thank you, which you can install with just a few clicks.

  • CHF 25.- TASTER TOUR with Franz 32 takenä

    TASTER TOUR with Franz

    During this 1-hour tour, you will learn more about Franz's philosophy, have the chance to let his wonderful compost run through your fingers and check by nose if properly treated manure stinks or not! The visit takes place in groups.

    Location: Hof Wies Neuheim/ZG
    Dates will be announced early on

  • CHF 40.- Frying ladle TURNAROUND 38 takenä

    Frying ladle TURNAROUND

    Your practiacal kitchen helper from local production. Ideal for all those who leave no stone unturned when it comes to climate protection. Also in the kitchen it is important to time the turnaround just right...

  • CHF 90.- CAP Humuswirtschaft.ch 15 takenä

    CAP Humuswirtschaft.ch

    You are convinced that humus culture offers great potential with regard to climate protection, and are willing to brandish the flag (...cap : ) in our name? Then this reward might be just the thing for you.

  • CHF 120.- CLIMATEFARMING calendar 2022 10 takenä

    CLIMATEFARMING calendar 2022

    With this annual calendar, you can discover month by month what your CHF 10 are making possible in climate & humus farming doing right now. 12x a good feeling and always the right date at hand?
    The right reward for all those who like to prolong the joy of having contributed to a good cause : )

    N.B.: The calendar will be delivered in December 2021.

  • CHF 135.- Hum(m)mus BUFFET 11 takenä

    Hum(m)mus BUFFET

    Together with our catering partner, we will prepare a hearty buffet and invite you to enjoy & network together as a thank you for your support - we will bring the humus to the buffet in the form of hummus : )

    Location: Zurich.

  • CHF 150.- 5l of TERRA PRETA 26 takenä

    5l of TERRA PRETA

    Terra Preta - this is the name of the famously fertile and nutrient-rich black soil that was discovered in the Amazon region. With 5 litres of Terra Preta (high-quality humus produced by Franz) you can vitalise 1m2 of garden soil and bring lively soil life and climate protection directly into your own garden or balcony box!

    The Terra Preta will be delivered by Franz to mobile pick-up points and has to be collected from there (e.g. in Bern and Zurich). The dates will be announced early on.

  • CHF 200.- Join our WALL OF HUMUS 6 takenä

    Join our WALL OF HUMUS

    You will be thanked by name as a benefactor on our WALL OF HUMUS which we will be setting up on humuswirtschaft.ch! You will also receive a printout signed by Franz & Monika to adorn your home and remind you of your good deed.

  • CHF 500.- BEAUTIFUL EARTH massage 0 / 10 takenä


    In recognition of your generous crowdfunding, you can look forward to a 1-hour feel-good massage using healing earths and high-quality oils. With this reward, you are doing something for the climate AND for yourself!

    Partner: Mon Salon Vert
    Place: Zurich
    Date: By appointment

    PS: Franca is not only a natural cosmetician, but also an environmental scientist, & organic farmer. A perfect combination, right?

  • CHF 1’000.- A visit with Franz 2 / 10 takenä

    A visit with Franz

    Franz welcomes you together with four other supporters in Neuheim/ZG. You can visit the farm and the biochar plant, get insights into humus farming and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with Franz. The visit will be rounded off with a cosy snack. The date will be coordinated with all guests in good time.

  • CHF 2’500.- EXCLUSIVE farm visit 1 / 1 takenä

    EXCLUSIVE farm visit

    Like us, you are convinced that humus farming is the key to regenerative, climate-positive agriculture - and you can afford to support us generously? We assure you of our eternal gratitude and thank you with this exclusive, private farm visit: You will receive a guided tour for you and two other guests. Franz & Monika will both be present and are already looking forward to welcoming you to Hof Wies! Of course we will also enjoy a delicious snack. PS: We will be happy to arrange the date of your visit with you and your companions.

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