What is it about?

=> If we reach 25’000 CHF and 200 supporters, the Impact Fund will double this amount - even if we haven’t reached our funding yet. That seems achievable, no? We count on you!


Many soils are stressed, sick and depleted. Intensive farming has left its mark and used up a major part of the permanent humus within 1-2 generations. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) calls the situation serious - but it could be changed! That’s why our e-learning shows a solution that builds humus, strengthens natural soil fertility and also protects the climate.


Franz is considered a climate farming pioneer today, but he has had many setbacks along the way and has fallen into debt. We want to spare the future climate farmers from these misguided paths and burdens! Humuswirtschaft.ch therefore packs Franz’s concentrated experience and valuable knowledge into a practical e-learning and accompanies those interested in the conversion.


To teach as many farmers as possible how to build humus so they can restore the natural fertility of their arable land.

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Why is it special?

Humus farming is a circular economy for the farm and conveys ancient knowledge of nature in a contemporary form. We show farmers step by step how to bring the farm system into balance – be it with or without animal husbandry.


It is important to Franz that farmers become independent again and can act on their own responsibility instead of always having to ask for advice. The old knowledge of nature is simple and it works. Those who understand the principles a can think and decide for themselves. On Humuswirtschaft.ch they will learn:

  • CLIMATE PROTECTION: Build up humus and store CO2 in the soil
  • YIELD SECURITY: Strengthening the natural fertility of the soil
  • HEALTH: Produce healthy food ENVIRONMENT: Showing that biodiversity can also be found on a productive farm

With Humuswirtschaft.ch we want to become the first point of contact for farmers who want to maintain their soils in a healthy way and become part of the solution. In the medium term, Humuswirtschaft.ch should also become a hub for the

  • NETWORKING between humus farmers and consumers (e.g. through direct marketing) and for the
  • DISTRIBUTION of services or products that have proven their worth in humus management (e.g. humus advice on the farm or checking the humus content or the health status of the soil).

Why we need your support

We want to really make a difference! Which is why we aspire to create a professional e-learning that is fun to use and ensures high learning success.

  • CHF 25,000 will enable us to create a lean platform that covers the most important functions so our learners can get started! If we also reach 200 or more supporters, this means we will benefit from our impact fund share!
  • CHF 45’000: Version 1.0, where we can add more features and have the means to produce more learning videos and info-graphics, to include interactive knowledge checks and to thoroughly user-test and improve the learning experience.

If we exceed our funding target, we could also…

  • Promote the launch of the e-learning in a targeted manner.
  • Start the development of a first in-depth module (e.g. slurry, technology & machinery or plant charcoal).
  • Fairpay our colleagues who have been working at a goodwill rate up to now.
  • Putting the money aside for loans to farms that want to convert to humus farming.

The demo lesson is scheduled to go live in summer. The two basic modules are planned for late autumn 2021.