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Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 25.- Thank you post card 5 takenä

    Thank you post card

    You are very happy with our postcard, on which we thank you for your support - with a giant poster in front of our historic wine cellar. Look at that!

  • EUR 35.- Your private wine tasting 2 / 100 takenä

    Your private wine tasting

    You can enjoy a bottle of our vine alone or in good company and feel the original strength of the wine district and the exquisite taste of our grapes et cetera. Our wine consists of
    2/3 white grapes and 1/3 red grapes, correspondingly unusual is the taste. Try it to believe it!

  • EUR 45.- Winegrowers table-theater 4 takenä

    Winegrowers table-theater

    You are looking for love, lust and passion? Our wine-making table-theater-carton set to the cut-out consists of 1 wine-vine wine cellar, 1 thirsty wine-growers, 1 know-it-all
    Wife, 1 life-loving daughter, 1 love-hungry neighbor and 1 snappy wolf-dackel. Included two proposals for action! Pleasant performances in the family or friends' circle are guaranteed.

  • EUR 55.- Bloodsausage goes Art 1 takenä

    Bloodsausage goes Art

    You will enjoy a tasty wine-tasting blood sausage, which is served by a pagan-sacred circle around the castle of our Weinviertler artist Hermann Nitsch into one Contactrelique third order. The media material of this ceremony under the sign of «Viennese Actionism» your blood sausage is implanted as USB. The odorless and hygienically clean
    delivery is free of charge.

  • EUR 75.- Customized straw hat 0 takenä

    Customized straw hat

    Others have straw in their heads, but you wear straw on your head - in braided form! Proudly present the world your stylish strawberry hat (ideal for summer walks and gardening) including velvet hat band imprinted with a thank you note.

  • EUR 100.- The «Weinstock» is yours! 3 / 10 takenä

    The «Weinstock» is yours!

    You will be delighted with your own personal vine plant in our vineyard, which will be marked with your name plate as long as the vine is producing (a vine can grow more than 100 years old!). If possible, you will get the income of your wine stall every year from autumn 2018 at the POP (=point of production). Alternatively we will send you every year your wine bottle by mail (shipping costs will be charged to your account).

  • EUR 135.- Traditional wine cutting 0 / 3 takenä

    Traditional wine cutting

    On a beautiful winter day, you are dress warm and cut with us from the middle of January 2018 onwards Vines. We will teach you the secrets of the pruning, so that you can grow wine in your garden. A tasty wine-grower meal strengthens us.

  • EUR 145.- Your history bicycle tour 0 takenä

    Your history bicycle tour

    Let 's go on a one-day history bicycle tour through the Weinviertler Schmidatal, a beautiful and culturally rich area, where stonies, celts and middleage warriors waiting for you. Lunch break in the wineyards! After the ride we will enjoy tasty wine and a farmer buffet. The dates of the history bicycle ride will be in spring and autumn. Meals and drinks are included.

  • EUR 175.- Visiting historic cellars 2 takenä

    Visiting historic cellars

    When you visit beautiful vineyard cellars you learn the social and historical background of this small architectural jewels. Picknick break in a historic «Kellergasse»! In the evening we will enjoy a wine tasting and a farmer buffet. Meals, drinks and the journey from/to Vienna by car are included. The dates
    of our cellar excursion will take place in spring and autumn - so the sun laughs mildly and the landscape is a real pleasure!

  • EUR 350.- Stormy slumber party 1 / 3 takenä

    Stormy slumber party

    This will be your funniest party ever! We deliver 50 liters of our «Sturm» (the predecessor of the young wine, Sturm ferries still, a gorgeous drink!) In a Weinviertler hake rest with 50 tasting tubes. The storm is coming directly from the «Scheibtruhe» (wheelbarrow, is included in price) with the supplied tasting tubs - an unforgettable experience for you, your family and/or friends as well as stunned neighbors.

  • EUR 1.111.- Wine on wheels to you 0 takenä

    Wine on wheels to you

    You will receive your personal wine deputant (6 traditional «Doppler» bottles, 2 l each) with an original «Steyr Waffenrad» (antique bycicle dated 1928) will be deliverd up to 1111 kilometers far. The mediamaterial of this legendary «wine trip» covering the bottling and the differant stations of the journey to the exhausted ring at your door will be send to you by wetransfer.com

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