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  • CHF 20.-4 taken

    Thank you E-Mail from Belizeä

    Blood Glucose Loaner Program:
    With this amount you enable four people to benefit from the blood glucose loaner program.

  • CHF 50.-1 taken

    Thank you E-Mail from Belizeä

    Hb1C I Testing strips:
    With this amount you enable four people to take an Hba1C measurement.
    This amount is also equal to two packages of glucose testing strips.

  • CHF 100.-2 taken

    Beliz Photo Documentationä

    With this amount, you can support 10 professionals providing
    1 consultation/month, such as
    - Nutrition
    - Counselling
    - Physiotherapy
    - Foot Care
    - Physician Consultation

  • CHF 150.-1 taken

    Quarterly Newsletter 2024ä

    This amount is equal to 300 single testing strips.

  • CHF 200.-1 taken

    Belize Photo Documentationä

    This amount is equal
    8 packages of testing strips,
    45 blood glucose loaner programs or
    600 testing strips.

  • CHF 500.-1 taken

    Personal video-messageä

    Judith and her team will provide you with a personalised update, «live» from Belize. In addition to this, you will get a digital photo documentation about the latest progress made, all thanks to your contribution!