People's Diabetes Foundation: Enabling diabetes care in Belize. We provide a haven for our community by advocating & empowering awareness, prevention, education, and support through our daily services

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People's Diabetes Foundation: Advocating diabetes care in Belize

People’s Diabetes Foundation-Belize (PDF-Belize) was established in November 2017 due to the urgent need for diabetes education and the increased prevalence in the country. PDF-Belize and Diabetes Center Berne connected back in 2019 and have maintained a valuable collaboration since. However – now is the time to join forces and reach out to the whole community.

Every contribution helps to make diabetes supplies more affordable!

The Belize Diabetes Association provides a haven for our community by advocating, and empowering awareness, prevention, education, and support through our daily services. We have individuals walking in our door just wanting to know if they can get their glucose tested. That one finger stick can change your perspective of life.

Changing lives with one finger stick. Let's do this together!

Prices for testing strips have tripled over the last few years. Many people can’t afford to measure glucose. This crowdfunding initiative helps the People’s Diabetes Foundation-Belize to cover costs that can’t be paid by people living with diabetes. To give you an idea about pricing and how you can make an impact with a couple of Swiss Francs already:

Current costs:

  • 1 test strip: 0.34 CHF.
  • 1 blood pressure loaner program: 1.80 CHF.
  • 1 blood glucose loaner program 4.50 CHF.
  • 1 HbA1C measurement: 11.59 CHF.

All instructors are paid with 13.64 CHF per monthly sessions in

  • Nutrition
  • Counselling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Foot Care
  • Doctor Consultation