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Back the project «This house needs you!»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 55.- Housewarming-Party 10 takenä


    You make things swing - like a window hinge! To thank you, we will send you a personal photo card of the house.
    We will also invite you to the housewarming party when everything is ready. We will let you know in time!

  • CHF 111.- Smoky spice & recipe 4 takenä

    Smoky spice & recipe

    Thanks to you, the smell of spicy food drifts through an open window. And to make sure that your guests at home are also able to get a whiff of that scent, we are sending you fifty grams of the smoked «Piment fort fumé», wrapped exclusively for this project. Mike adds one of his delicious finger food recipes.
    And the housewarming party? Of course you will be invited as soon as everything is ready!

  • CHF 111.- Cocktail napkins & art 7 takenä

    Cocktail napkins & art

    You got style, not only when it comes to windows!
    First of all, we are sending you four exclusive cocktail napkins from Moutet, a traditional regional weaving mill from the neighbourhood.
    Also included: an exciting print from the limited and signed photo series «Baustellenkunst» (15x20 cm).
    And then we invite you to the housewarming party as soon as everything is done.

  • CHF 222.- Hitchcock movie for 2 1 / 100 takenä

    Hitchcock movie for 2

    Which film could be a better fit for this project? As a thank-you, we invite you and your companion to an exclusive screening of the Alfred Hitchcock classic «Rear Window» in Zurich! Here is the date: the morning of Saturday, 27 June 2020.
    We will send you a personal photo card of the house in advance.
    When everything is renovated, both of you will be at the housewarming party!

  • CHF 222.- Smoky spice, recipes & art 2 takenä

    Smoky spice, recipes & art

    As a thank you for your support for the reproduction of the original wooden windows, we will send you 250 grams of the smoked «Piment fort fumé», wrapped exclusively for this project. Mike contributes two of his own mouth-watering recipes.
    Oh well, a selected print from the limited and signed series «Baustellenkunst» (15x20 cm) is of course also included.
    And when everything is ready, we welcome you to the housewarming party!

  • CHF 222.- Napkins, recipes & art 4 takenä

    Napkins, recipes & art

    For opening your window of opportunity you will be rewarded with eight exclusively designed cocktail napkins from the traditional regional weaving mill Moutet and two creative finger food recipes from Mike.
    One of the best pictures from the limited and signed series «Baustellenkunst» (15x20 cm) will be added. All prints of the series will be limited to the number of supporters at the end of the crowdfunding.
    And of course you will be there at the housewarming party and experience the new windows!

  • CHF 444.- Napkins & big art 0 takenä

    Napkins & big art

    Your thank you-package contains a dozen cocktail napkins from Moutet, specially created for this project. And to make your next cocktail-evening especially tasty, Mike adds three of his best recipes for the culinary accompaniment.
    You will also find a 20x30 cm large print from the limited and signed series «Baustellenkunst».
    We will send you the date for the housewarming party as soon as everything is ready. You are also welcome to bring someone, then you can show her or him what has been achieved thanks to your contribution!

  • CHF 555.- Big art times 3 3 takenä

    Big art times 3

    Your support for the new windows must be rewarded! For you we put three of the most beautiful prints of the limited and hand-signed series «Baustellenkunst» (20x30 cm) in your personal package - in addition to the thank you card.
    And when the construction work is finished, we look forward to meeting you and your companion at the housewarming party!

  • CHF 1’111.- Art series big 1 takenä

    Art series big

    Light, air and landscape views are drifting through the windows - thanks to you! For this you will get six selected and signed prints (each 20x30 cm) of the limited series «Baustellenkunst». You can frame them and hang them on the wall or give them as a present to someone dear. For example to your companion for the housewarming party.

  • CHF 2’222.- Dinner, bed & breakfast 1 takenä

    Dinner, bed & breakfast

    You bathe in the light of the new windows and it feels good! Or is that the effect of the drink already? Jörn can't cook, but he can do cocktails. Then Mike will invite you and your companion to the table and you will experience a culinary evening, where we will gladly tell you the eventful history of the house.
    Your comfortable bed is awaits you in the guest room for an overnight stay.
    And of course you won't miss the separate date for the housewarming party!
    The thank you card in advance is a matter of honour.

  • CHF 3’333.- 1xdinner, 2xbed & breakfast 1 takenä

    1xdinner, 2xbed & breakfast

    You provide new perspectives! The horizon seems within reach. Very close as well is a personal thank you and the invitation for you and a companion (friend, girlfriend, mother-in-law... we leave it all up to you) as soon as the house is ready.
    Two nights, cocktail by Jörn and a dinner by Mike - that would be thrilling, right?
    And then we meet a second time, because you and your companion will be invited to the housewarming party as well!

  • CHF 4’444.- Eero Saarinen table 0 / 2 takenä

    Eero Saarinen table

    Thanks to you, light and warmth flood into the house. The housewarming party for you and a companion is a matter of honour, as is the thank you card from us in advance.
    But instead of overnight stays and dinners you rather take one of the two Saarinen side tables. We don't really like to give them away, but we know that they will be in good hands.
    Oh, we'll deliver your table to your home if you live in Switzerland. We can also deliver it to Germany, Austria or France. In every other case you are welcome to grab your table when visiting the house, because it would be a bit far to deliver it to Australia...

  • CHF 5’555.- 2xdinner, 3xbed & breakfast 0 takenä

    2xdinner, 3xbed & breakfast

    Here you feel safe and carefree - for three nights. Insights and new perspectives characterize your visit. Mike cooks for you and your companion for two evenings and Jörn creates a cocktail to your taste, which from now on bears your name! And with the drink in your hand you choose your favourite prints from the limited series «Baustellenkunst».
    You will of course also be part of the housewarming party.
    But first of all you will get a personal thank you by mail.
    We are looking forward to meeting you!

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