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Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • EUR 15.-3 taken

    Signed Cards with Photosä

    You will get 3 signed cards of the Duo with photos on them made by Julia Wesely and Walter Christopharo.

  • EUR 25.-31 taken

    Cd – «Double Phaces»ä

    You will receive at home our CD «Double Phaces».

  • EUR 30.-5 taken

    CD «Double Phaces» + Posterä

    You will receive the CD «Double Phaces» and a poster of the Duo with an artistic photo by Julia Wesely.

  • EUR 40.-10 taken

    CD Double Phaces+Card+Posterä

    You will get a CD «Double Phaces», a signed card and a poster of the Duo with photos by Julia Wesely and Walter Christopharo

  • EUR 80.-4 taken

    CD + Sax or Organ Lessonä

    You will get a CD «Double Phaces» and a privat sax or organ lesson with Massimiliano Girardi or Luca Lavuri. Also for beginners (in Vienna-Milano).

  • EUR 100.-11 taken

    CD «Double Phaces»- Concertä

    You will receive a signed CD and an official invitation to the CD-release concert.

  • EUR 200.-6 taken

    CD+Concert + Name in Bookletä

    You receive a CD with your name mentioned in the booklet and an official invitation to the CD-release concert.

  • EUR 500.-0 taken

    CD + Concert 1 + Concert 2ä

    You receive the CD «Double Phaces» signed and an invitation for TWO CONCERTS:
    CONCERT ONE Sax and Organ («Double Phaces»)
    CONCERT TWO Sax and Piano («Italian evening»)

  • EUR 700.-0 taken

    CD +Concert+ 1/2PageBooklet ä

    You receive the CD «Double Phaces», you can choose between the two proposed concerts («Double Phaces» or «Italian Evening»), and a half page of the booklet with your photo or your logo will be used to say thank you.

  • EUR 1.000.-0 taken

    40 CDs+ Cover Logo+ Concertsä

    You receive 40 CDs to give to your friends as present, your logo will be printed on the back cover of the CD and you will receive an official invitation to both concerts «Double Phaces» and «Italian evening».