Double Phaces – Debut CD

by Sargasduo


Established in Vienna the Sargas Duo combines two different instruments, which have had two different developments in different historical contexts and eras: the organ and the saxophone.

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Sargas Duo – Debut CD

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We are Massimiliano Girardi and Luca Lavuri. We met in Vienna three years ago and together we decided to estabish the Sargas Duo.

The Sargas Duo connects two very different instruments. On the one hand the saxophon, very popular in the jazz world and on the other hand the organ, spreadin different music-genres.

We are proud to present our debut-album which contains original works for sax and organ of the 20th century and original re-elaborations of italian baroque masterpieces.

For the realization of this project we kindly ask you to take part with a little donation.

We will be grateful for whatever you can offer.

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Special colours in different eras...

The CD «Double Phaces» tells the story in music of the unusual Duo of saxophone and organ. The project will present different original famous works from composers as Creston, Sauguet and Linoncourt and original modern works dedicated to the Duo by composers as Hannes Kerschbaumer, Pier Damiano Peretti and Maarten De Splenter.

By the Way the other «Phace» of the Cd presents particular and very interesting re-elaboration of famous Italian Baroque-Concertos for Oboe and Orchestra with new and interesting colors.


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Thanks to your big help we could realize this project on which we have been working since years.

The money donated will be used to realize a really high-quality products in every aspect.

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