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  • CHF 20.-62 taken

    Sugar on top !ä

    Thank you for believing in our beautiful project and for putting some sugar on top of it. You can drop by the shop as soon as it opens to pick up your «thank you» card to plant!

  • CHF 45.-58 taken

    A limited edition bagä

    As you understood: no plastic bags in this place! So what could be better than a limited edition bag? With, of course, the «thank you» card inside.

  • CHF 80.-51 taken

    Kit Écoloä

    Une sélection de produits pour mettre en pratique des éco-gestes dans ton quotidien, dans un sac en édition limitée :-). Let's go green !

  • CHF 120.-4 / 10 taken

    1 children's workshop + 10% ä

    The Galatà house offers a fun and educational workshop for children (from 8 years old) to discover taste and sweetness while tasting madeleines prepared with love (gluten-free, lactose-free) and so good!
    Bonus: you get 10% off the whole shop that day!

  • CHF 120.-84 taken

    Aperitif kitä

    A selection of products from the shop for your aperitif, in a limited edition bag to offer or to enjoy :-).

  • CHF 140.-2 / 10 taken

    1 adult workshop + 10% offä

    Maison Galatà offers you a workshop in the form of a gustatory and sensory journey to discover and understand the formation of taste and the 4 primary flavours (+ a mysterious 5th flavour :-)).
    Bonus: you get 10% off the entire shop that day!

  • CHF 150.-4 taken

    10% for 3 monthsä

    Enjoy 10% off the entire concept store for the first 3 months of opening. Enough to please yourself and others!

  • CHF 200.-14 taken

    Kit Brunchä

    Une sélection de produits locaux pour faire un brunch de folie, dans un sac en édition limitée :-). Parce que le brunch, c'est la VIE !

  • CHF 250.-3 taken

    Your name on the Wall of ...ä

    Come and put your name on the Wall of Fame of La Chouquette!
    Rumine is not yet Los Angeles, but almost... And we'll prepare a little surprise for you on the big day to reward the artist you are ;-).

  • CHF 300.-1 taken

    20% off for 3 monthsä

    Enjoy 20% off the entire concept store for the first 3 months of opening. Enough to please yourself and to make you happy!

  • CHF 350.-7 / 20 taken

    Opening nightä

    1 entry + 1 accompanying person
    La Chouquette is known for its guide, but also for its fun markets. So trust us on that, you won't forget this opening night!

  • CHF 500.-3 / 20 taken

    Private cocktailä

    1 entry for a private party
    More intimate than the opening evening (max 10 people). Come and spend an evening with us and discover (finally) who is behind La Chouquette. Fun guaranteed!

  • CHF 1’500.-0 taken

    Sponsor this placeä

    Become a pillar of our project by sponsoring it.
    If you have a company, association, ... become an official sponsor of La Chouquette and benefit from a spotlight on our networks and on our website!

  • CHF 3’000.-0 taken

    Business Angelä

    Your company, your association... believes in La Chouquette and we thank you for that! Could synergies be created between us? It sure might! Beyond the spotlight on our networks and our website, we will organise a one-to-one meeting to talk about what we could achieve together!

  • CHF 10’000.-1 taken

    All we need is love!ä

    The best of the best. Give your company, your association, ... maximum visibility with a banner made by the talented team Fany’Fabryk. It will be visible on all the pages of our new website for 6 months (16’000 visitors / month) and in our next newsletter.