Help «La Chouquette» to create its unique eco-friendly concept store in Lausanne with a great selection of Swiss artisanal groceries, gift ideas, a kids corner and workshops!

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Best goods of all times in a chill atmosphere


We are Cyrielle and Fabrice, we are the co-founders of «». We are also married and happy parents of 3 children. Let’s say that we’ve got exciting days :-)

What is «»? It’s a guide on the web that has been giving you the best addresses in Lausanne and the canton of Vaud for 8 years now! We carefully select and reference bars and restaurants, cultural places, shops and even services that meet our requirements and criteria. We have also launched our own label: La Chouquettisation, which highlights actors committed to sustainability!

Since 2016, we have also been creating pop-up stores and Christmas markets that allow you to do your end-of-year shopping. The latest one? A 160m2 pop-up in the Flon district, which featured local and refined goods. Many of you have asked us for a shop like this all year round… So we looked hard and finally found it!

What will it look like? A 50m2 shop (small, but cosy ;-)) on the Rumine Avenue of Lausanne. Close to all transports (bus stops and parking right next door), including bicycle parks! We wish to bring to this magnificent district (yeah, it is also ours) what it misses so much: a place to find trendy and quality products in an atmosphere of sharing and proximity.

Of course, we’ll go with the same concept that made our reputation: a selection of small artisanal and eco-responsible goods, in a chill and stylish atmosphere. Sounds good to you? Then help us make this dream come true!

By the way, with us, no fuss, no muss ! That’s the Chouquette spirit :o)

  • Grocery section - Christmas shop 2020
    Grocery section - Christmas shop 2020
  • Christmas Shop 2020 - © Celynek
    Christmas Shop 2020 - © Celynek

Local, artisanal, ecological and inclusive!

Let’s get to the heart of the matter! In La Chouquette concept store, we will offer you 4 things that are close to our heart:

  • A food and beverage section focused on aperitifs, brunches/breakfasts and delicacies! Because life is all about pleasure, right? Everything is made in Switzerland for short circuit! Organic and in bulk whenever possible.

  • Gift ideas for everyone! A birthday, Mother’s Day, your friend, the party of the year… Or simply to please yourself! In short, so many occasions that deserve nice little gifts!

  • A fun and inclusive kids’ corner with a space for second-hand clothes and toys/games that focus on sustainability.

  • Workshops for adults and children to learn, discover and share… in a friendly atmosphere.

This shop will reflect the 5 strong values of «La Chouquette»: Local, Ecology, Fair Trade, Expertise, and Solidarity. Without any superficial packaging nor «Made in China»! And it will be just like home.

Finally, we will promote actions such as associations, craftsmen… In short, a truly committed place!

  • Kids corner - Christmas shop 2020. Celynek
    Kids corner - Christmas shop 2020. Celynek
  • Kids corner - Christmas shop 2020. Celynek
    Kids corner - Christmas shop 2020. Celynek
  • Kids corner - Christmas shop 2020. Celynek
    Kids corner - Christmas shop 2020. Celynek

But what will my financial support be used for?

Well, now we have the location. The only thing that is missing is you!

Your support will be used to finance :

  • All the interior work (don’t worry, we won’t touch the sublime parquet ;-)) with the help of our talented friend Julia Christ who has designed the trendiest bars and restaurants in Lausanne! So you might as well say that it’s gonna rock!

  • The design of the shop by the super team : Fany’Fabryk who also signed the new version of our website

  • Everything to make sure we’re ready on D-day: stock, authorisations, equipment, etc.

And if we exceed this first ceiling? Then «sky is the limit»! We can go even further and offer you a lunch (take away) in the same principle. Makes you hungry, doesn’t it?