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Back the project «Ecotourism is back in Haïti!»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 15.- The Wellcome 11 takenä

    The Wellcome

    You will receive 1 rhum sour or home cocktail at your next visit.
    We're waiting for you!

  • EUR 30.- The Happy full 16 takenä

    The Happy full

    You will receive 1 delicious meal on choice in the menu: lanbi, octopus, fish...
    with a Prestige of course! (or any other drink)

  • EUR 50.- The Bonus***** -until 29/11! 9 takenä

    The Bonus***** -until 29/11!

    This bonus is similar to the previous one… With this time a chance to win 2 T-SHIRT + 1 mythical bottle «BARBANCOURT 5*****», the star of Haitian rum!

    Draw valid for backers from 24/11 to 29/11, starting from 50 euros (cumulatively to other rewards).

    Believe in your lucky stars***** !

    (PS: Previous backers will also be included in this second draw:-))

  • EUR 50.- The Bonus - until 23/11! 3 takenä

    The Bonus - until 23/11!

    In addition to every reward you will apply for, you will have a chance to be selected at random and win 2 T-SHIRTS + 2 beers PRESTIGE!

    The random draw will take place at the end of the campaign. It will be made among all people who have contributed by November 23rd for a minimum of 50 euros.

    This Prestigious gift will be handed over in Haiti or delivered abroad by post.
    Good luck!

  • EUR 70.- The Stylish 11 takenä

    The Stylish

    You will receive 1 nice t-shirt of Boukan Guinguette...

    We will give it in your hands in Haiti, or send it by the post in Europe or anywhere (1st trimester 2022).

    - Colors: blue, green, orange, white.
    - Woman / Man.
    - Small, Medium, Large, Extralarge.
    => Please indicate the size when contributing.
    The fabric is good. It will follow you everywhere!

  • EUR 85.- The Quiet 4 takenä

    The Quiet

    You will enjoy 1 night*1 person in a charming bungalow
    + a delicious breakfast in the morning :-)

  • EUR 120.- The Sportive 4 takenä

    The Sportive

    You will be given 3 hours of kitesurf lesson by a professional instructor (beginner or advanced level)
    + a kitesurfer cocktail!

    There’s good wind all year long, you’ll have a fantastic time!

  • EUR 200.- The Romantic 5 takenä

    The Romantic

    You will enjoy 3 nights*1 person, or 2 nights*2 persons in a charming bungalow
    + a cocktail of welcome + a delicious breakfast in the morning :-)

  • EUR 500.- The Buccaneer 5 takenä

    The Buccaneer

    You will enjoy 4 ALL INCLUSIVE nights for a couple in a charming bungalow:
    with full pension + full activities + T-shirt... Enjoy it all!

  • EUR 850.- The Filibuster 0 takenä

    The Filibuster

    You will benefit of kitesurf lessons until your autonomy; or receive 1 kite + bar.
    Enjoy the most beautiful bay in the country!

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift