What is Boukan Guinguette ?!

Since December 2009, Boukan Guinguette has been developing as a unique eco-tourism site in one of Haiti’s most remote regions: Môle Saint-Nicolas. It is really worth getting until this place at the end of the world, 8 hours from the capital Port-au-Prince: it is a real corner of paradise!

This small hotel-restaurant is very important locally: in fact the community itself was at its origin, when local people decided in 2009 to develop a sustainable touristic approach. In addition, the hotel is also important for national and international customers: because it proves that real local development is possible, while making this part of the country visible despite its remoteness.

After 12 years, Boukan Guinguette is also characterized by:

  • A natural site with 9 bungalows entirely fitted out in a local and sustainable style (stones, wood, bamboo, etc.), made by local craftsmen;
  • Nature preservation and promotion. E.g. the plant cover on the site is larger today than in 2009!
  • Local guides have been trained; and historical remains have been valued in partnership with the Town Hall, the community and the Institute for the Protection of National Heritage (ISPAN);
  • Boukan Guinguette is also a «local tourism service» that offers excursions and experiences to discover the natural and local heritage resources;
  • Promotion of sustainable fishing practices;
  • Support for community developments initiatives;
  • A source of income for Môle Saint-Nicolas families thanks to the activities and attractiveness promoted by Boukan Guinguette;
  • The first kitesurfing school in Haiti!
  • And many others!
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How does the current Haitian crisis affect Boukan Guinguette?

Since 2018, Boukan Guinguette has unfortunately suffered the impacts of the multidimensional crisis that the country is going through:

  • 1) The entire economic and tourism sector is in great difficulty. At Môle Saint-Nicolas, customers have become extremely rare. It is only with an extremely reduced service and sacrifices that Boukan Guinguette could hold up during these 3 years.

  • 2) In addition, the challenges are also logistical and administrative. Given the political instability, central ministries had to put important files on hold. Today we have to mobilize these offices again in order to complete those files. But how to do that when the capital and national roads have become dangerous for the last 3 years? And when state services are not always available anymore to process cases?

Despite all, Boukan Guinguette is determined to continue its activities: because the community is still demonstrating its strong attachment; and the place remains a crucial sustainable development place in the region. However, financial support now appears essential to achieve this.

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This is what we need backing for.

Given the context, financial assistance has now become essential for the coming months, with 2 objectives:

  • 1) Support some minimum costs and maintenance in 2021. 4 months of support would help carrying out some necessary repairs, maintenance and contribution to the operational costs.

  • 2) Finalize administrative and legal files. Legal support will be necessary for a few months in order to relaunch the state institutions, in collaboration with the Institute for Protection of National Heritage.

With this help, Boukan Guinguette hopes to consolidate its foundations after these difficult years and give the establishment a boost. Both the community and its customers would benefit of this revival!

The whole team would like to thank in advance all its loyal «boukanier» friends.

«Boukan pi rèd»: Boukan is always there!

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