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Back the project «EP Produktion - Javlin»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 20.- A special postcard for you 0 takenä

    A special postcard for you

    We will send you a personal postcard with our best wishes.

  • CHF 25.- Signed EP 7 takenä

    Signed EP

    We'll have our EP signed and delivered directly to you.

  • CHF 50.- Your name on our EP 5 takenä

    Your name on our EP

    Your name will be printed on our EP.

  • CHF 50.- Exclusive video premiere 2 / 50 takenä

    Exclusive video premiere

    Enjoy some drinks and appetizers as you get to watch our new music video of the song Ivy with us.

    (There will be a doodle to set a date)

  • CHF 100.- Workout / Personal Training 1 / 10 takenä

    Workout / Personal Training

    Our singer Natascha is going to make you sweat. As a fitness & gym lover and a sports teacher she is going to get you or keep you in shape.

  • CHF 100.- Vocal session - Feel it 2 / 3 takenä

    Vocal session - Feel it

    Ready to join the roller coaster ride of the high and deep notes and test your limits? Sing your favorite songs alongside our singer Natascha.

  • CHF 100.- Pianosession - Make it sound 0 / 3 takenä

    Pianosession - Make it sound

    Our keys and piano player Denis will be playing your favorite songs with you. Are you ready to benefit from this guy's piano skills.

  • CHF 100.- Bass session - Go Deep 0 / 3 takenä

    Bass session - Go Deep

    Colin is going to show you all about that bass. Feel the groove of some cool bass riffs with our bass player.

  • CHF 100.- Guitar session - Lead it 0 / 3 takenä

    Guitar session - Lead it

    Enjoy a guitar session with our guitarist Ryan as he shows you a couple of cool grooves and moves on the acoustic or electric guitar.

  • CHF 100.- Drum session - Beat It 0 / 3 takenä

    Drum session - Beat It

    It doesn't matter if you are intermediate or proficient. Our drummer Adi will be showing you his finest tricks and play some songs with you on the drums. Are you ready to rumble?

  • CHF 100.- Be a part of the video 0 / 25 takenä

    Be a part of the video

    Be a part of our music video Ivy, where you get to be a walk-in.
    Dates for the Shooting: 16. + 17. June 2018.

  • CHF 150.- Visiting our studio 1 / 1 takenä

    Visiting our studio

    Join us for a day at InfluxStudios in Bern and experience the recording of a song. Hang out with the band and get an insight into a musician's daily routine.

  • CHF 150.- Band session 1 / 1 takenä

    Band session

    Join us for a band practice at our rehearsal room in Altendorf, SZ.

  • CHF 250.- Exclusive concert 1 / 30 takenä

    Exclusive concert

    Have some drinks and appetizers as you listen to an exclusive live concert outdoors and enjoy the magnificent view over lake Zurich.
    A tour of our rehearsal room is included.

  • CHF 250.- The outdoor experience 1 / 15 takenä

    The outdoor experience

    Join us as we hike towards Ruchweid (ca. 1-1.5 h) and spend the evening with us enjoying a pleasant barbecue with live music.

  • CHF 300.- Sounds of Carpool 0 / 3 takenä

    Sounds of Carpool

    We will get you from A to B and entertain you in the car with some live music.

  • CHF 1’000.- Private concert 1 / 1 takenä

    Private concert

    We will set the musical ambiance right at your next dinner party or barbecue (unplugged or fully plugged :-)).

  • CHF 9’500.- The gold medal 0 / 1 takenä

    The gold medal

    Be our hero by sponsoring our total amount due for our project. You will receive all of the rewards listed above and our eternal gratitude.

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift