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  • CHF 10.-1 taken

    5 student loginsä

    With this donation you gain the comforting knowledge that you supported the education of five students during one year.

  • CHF 50.-3 taken

    Teachers knowledgeä

    Exetat-pratique receives the wisdom from one more teacher! Be it mathematics, geography or history: Every piece of knowledge that is given should be rewarded.

  • CHF 100.-6 taken

    Internet for another schoolä

    Material, time and organization skills are needed to give internet access to a building full of students. You make it possible!

  • CHF 150.-2 taken

    +1 computerä

    This computer will be available in a school or Exetat center for multiple students

  • CHF 300.-2 taken

    Exetat-pratique centerä

    To be honest, this won't build up a whole room with WiFi and full of PCs. However, it brings us much closer to rent or buy a suitable place and THEN connect it to the Internet and fill it with PCs :)