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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • CHF 20.-0 / 10 taken

    Tea set with flower cakeä

    Enojoy a tea and flower cake
    You are part of the project that we will never forget

  • CHF 40.-0 / 10 taken

    Fresh Flower bouquets ä

    Choose any flowers in the shop to make your own bouquets

  • CHF 50.-0 / 10 taken

    Dried flowers bouquets ä

    Free choice of colour dried flowers gifts

  • CHF 50.-0 / 5 taken

    Plants ä

    Free choice of any beautiful plants

  • CHF 50.-0 / 5 taken

    Sunday Floral Workshopä

    Floral Workshop Fun-day from 1 pm - 4 pm

  • CHF 140.-0 / 5 taken

    Events & wedding flowersä

    -140CHF for your flowers