Floral art tea room

by Paula


This new doctrine can beautify our environments as well as excite the senses and reduce stress. Floral design and tea will unite the senses of body and mind. This tea room will have a special meaning.


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Concluded on 13/3/2023

Brand new idea - Floral tea room

I am a local florist and love the nature. I would like to develop floristry into different page. This idea came into my mind - combining floristry, art and food together, I really want to make this happen. I want to share my knowledge and to create a place where many creative people could meet. At this place, we can invite local artists and florists to collaborate with a unique exhibition ,also give floral design workshops every Sunday.

The tea room is a small simple store but appealing because of the floral design of the room. It’s like walking in a cosy garden fairytale with all fresh bloom. People come is because they love flowers and teas, in love with nature. Also, there are many coffee shops in the world but not many tea room, people always forget the benefits of it. For example, the most commonly knows is that it is good for the environment because tea is one of the the lowest carbon product.

My tea room will be a combination of flowers shop & gallery. People come to see floral artwork and enjoy a cup of tea. All food and drinks are associated with flowers. We will use local flowers and herbs and recruit local pastry chefs to make our floral desserts. Each product will be a work of art. This brand new idea - not in a traditional way.

My project is unique because

My project will be unprecedented, very fresh and attractive. This is definitely not an ordinary flower shop or tea room. It is a new idea for art and tea which can bring a unique experience for city people. This tea room is not only to earn income but also focused on creating opportunities or making someone’s life a bit better can be rewarding. Flower is always the heart of the community, people make them as important as their life stones.

In an other way, flowers and women are closely related, by supporting my tea room means supporting women’s entrepreneurship and bringing new opportunities to more women in the future. Our tea room it’s going to be a place where you can share quality time with friends and family in Geneva.

This is what I need backing for.

In order to start my project, to start from the beginning which is not easy in Switzerland, not easy for a girl, but I am ready for the challenge and willing to walk through it, at first, I would like to raise enough funds.

About the funds, most of the costs will be spend on rent for the first few months, depending on the funds I will choose the best place, I believe this will be the one that use the most money. Except that, the cost of engineering and materials to make the place more approachable and welcoming are important. But we want to do as much of the work ourselves as possible for reduced cost. Another part the money will be spend on equipment and furniture, such as cashier, tables, refrigerators and coffee machines etc. But we will try to buy everything in second hand if we can. We support local market and try to keep the costs as low as possible.

After all some money will be used for computer systems, advance equipment that can upgrade the whole project. The rest will be use for administration and contingency costs, such as the production of advertisement etc

The transparency of this journey is absolute, every step will be announce on IG.

If you love the idea as much as me, take a first step, please support us and support the idea of contributing to women’s entrepreneurship, don’t hesitate to share some funds. Thank you in advance for your financial support and hope to see you soon. To thank you for your help, I would like to offer a unique gift. I am looking forward to meet you. Thank you