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  • CHF 10.-8 taken

    Have a nice trip Xavier!ä

    Thank you for your help! Every little bit counts! With this support, you will receive a personal invitation to the conference I will give on my return.We are with you Xavier

  • CHF 50.-35 taken

    We are with you Xavierä

    You don’t see me but I’m applauding you! Thank you very much for your gesture!
    I offer you 1 invitation to the conference I will give on my return, as well as a DVD of this beautiful adventure that you will be able to watch on your sofa ;-)

  • CHF 100.-38 taken

    Xavier, come back alive !ä

    Wow, a huge thank you for your support! Only need 99 people like you left and I wil be able to leave! With this support, I will send you personally on Whatsapp a legendary little selfie taken in a magical place! And I invite you and an additional person for the conference I will give on my return! I also offer you a DVD of my trip.

  • CHF 300.-15 taken

    You are a real adventurer !ä

    THANK YOU ! I will personally send you a postcard during my trip, written by hand of course ;-) You just have to choose a place of my journey, and you will receive it directly in your mailbox! (If you want, I can even flavor the card ;-))
    I also invite you and 3 friends to come and listen to my conference that I will give on my return!
    I also offer 2 DVD of my trip, one for you and one for a friend!

  • CHF 1’000.-2 taken

    I want you to go Xavier !ä

    You are part of one of the biggest sponsors, I'm very grateful to you! I reserve a place on my ultralight for your first and last name! I will personally write it and send you a photo that you can proudly share with your loved ones! This way, you will follow me throughout the whole journey ;-)
    I invite you with 9 other friends for the conference I will give on my return, and we can exchange a few words in LIVE!
    I also offer 3 DVD of my trip, you can give it to your family or your friends!

  • CHF 3’000.-1 taken

    Xavier, you are my heroä

    You really have an adventurer’s soul! Thank you! Thank you for this exceptional gesture, I will be eternally grateful to you.
    Be ready, I reserve the following things for you: I will personally write your name and surname on my ULM so that you follow me everywhere during this trip. I invite you and 14 other people to the conference that I will give on my return and I even offer you a coffee one-on-one when I come back ☺ We will take the time to talk about this journey, and I will give you the inspiration you need for your future adventures!
    I will also send you 5 autographed DVDs of my trip, that you will be able to see with your relatives!

  • CHF 10’000.-0 / 6 taken

    Xavier, go.ä

    So now, I really don’t know what to say. You take the words out of my mouth! With your support, you allow me to go on the adventure! I will never forget your gesture.
    I reserve for you an unusual day: on my return, I invite you personally for a ride in the air with my ultralight to fly over the Jura. We will then eat together and I will tell you about my trip, I will show you my photos, my videos, and advise you on your next excursion! I will also send you 20 tickets for the conference I will give on my return, and I will also make you come on stage to thank you publicly, and of course ... your name will be eternally engraved on my ultralight (before, during and after my trip !). Obviously, you will also receive a DVD!