Fly The World is an interactive air expedition to meet our planet. Aerial survey across 5 continents, 50 countries, 80'000km in 400 days to remember the forgotten wonders.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 19/8/2017

A different and positive outlook

After realizing and sharing my first adventurous dream - 300 days on a desert island - my project is now to share with you the stories of extraordinary people I will meet throughout a global expedition.

Mother Earth, source of all life, has become a daughter, a planet in need of protection. And what if we were to take a new, non-scientific, non-inquisitive, view of a captivated observer with a collective message to share ? Deserts, Amazonian rainforest, canyons, legendary mountains and volcanoes, nature offer us a continual show reel of marvels dating from the dawn of time. The ultralight will offer you a bird’s eye view and also the possibility to get close to wonders that are typically difficult to access.

The ultra-practical ultralight

The means of transport of this expedition, the ultralight aircraft, will allow me to observe nature from above and to approach very close to human and geological marvels of our planet.

Its take-off and landing distances, its low fuel consumption as well as its large flight envelope, mean the motorised deltaplane is unrivalled when it comes to discovering locations with challenging land access. Being a tandem, it includes space for survival and filming equipment, but also offers room for passengers met during the expedition.

A never attempted feat

Exploring the planet and its inhabitants by flying over 5 continents, 50 countries and 80,000 kilometres in 400 days is an adventure worthy of the pioneers of aviation.

This idea was born of a shared desire to reveal another side of our planet, highlighting its best kept secrets, both on the geological and human levels.

Two minutes of positive vibes

We are currently experiencing a period obscured by bad news. The modern media is creating a race of addicts, broadcasting content rooted in disinformation, fear and over-consumption. Fly The World is intentionally apolitical and agnostic, its only goal being to show the positive side of what our world has to offer - a side we tend to forget - through weekly short videos and a full documentary when I return.

This project needs you!

After 3 years of intense motivation, I managed to raise 60’000 to prepare the project. But this is only a small part of the financial needs to explore the countless wonders of our planet.

That’s why I need your support. It will allow me to start the journey, to lengthen it and thus reach more civilizations and landscapes unknown to our society. To summarize, the more money the expedition will raise, the more positivity we can relay to our society.

Financial goals

Goal 1 -> CHF 10'000.-

Launch of the expedition, modifications on the ultralight’s motor, addition of vital equipments.

Goal 2 -> CHF 25'000.-

Trip extension and quality video equipment funding.

Goal 3 -> CHF 40'000.-

A 7000km detour to visit Austrialia, discover the aboriginal tribes and the Great Barrier Reef.

Goal 4 -> CHF 60'000.-

Documentary series production in English and French for wide distribution.