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  • CHF 20.-41 taken

    Student’s editionä

    Tight budget but still want to support us? We thank you with a pack of hummus forself-pickup in Zurich.

  • CHF 35.-62 taken

    Hummus for youä

    We will send a pack of hummus to your home (CH). Enjoy it as an apero or as a light lunchwith some vegetables, flat bread or whatever you feel like!

  • CHF 50.-12 taken

    Get your hands dirty!ä

    For do-it-yourself gardeners: We will send you organic soil, chickpea and sunflower seeds and instructions for successful cultivation. Grow your own hummus on your balcony!

  • CHF 60.-3 taken

    FYN Christmas presentä

    Already looking for the ideal Christmas present?
    We have something for you!
    A voucher for our webshop, beautifully wrapped as a present for your brother, sister, neighbour, godchild or whoever...

  • CHF 65.-41 taken

    Hummus for your familyä

    We send 3 packs of hummus to your home (CH). Share it with friends, family or just for you alone!

  • CHF 90.-14 taken

    Hummus squaredä

    We will send you hummus in 2x2 packs in the coming months (CH). So you have an ideal companion for an apero, a birthday party or just a cosy evening at home.

  • CHF 100.-6 taken

    Webshop Voucherä

    With this voucher you are one of the first to order on our brand new webshop. Local products directly from the field are waiting for you!

  • CHF 120.-8 taken


    We will send you 2x3 packs of hummus in the coming months (CH). So you are well prepared for every spontaneous lunch, date or picnic.

  • CHF 145.-7 taken

    Silent connoisseurä

    Many exciting milestones await us next year: new productions, hummus varieties, tastingsand the year of cultivation in the field. Receive 4 update postcards spread over the year, of course always with a pack of hummusas a companion (CH).

  • CHF 200.-3 / 15 taken

    Launching partyä

    We invite you to our launch party at the Mühlerama in Zurich on November 21. Enjoy an evening with a companion of your choice and taste our hummus à discretion, accompaniedby exciting talks!

  • CHF 300.-3 / 8 taken

    Special Guestä

    Be our Special Guest with company at our launch party at the Mühlerama in Zurich on 21 November and enjoy our event in advance with a cooking event with us. Discover our secret recipe after we make our unique hummus!

  • CHF 400.-2 taken


    Receive a pack of hummus for one year at the beginning of each month at your home (CH). No more worries about the perfect dip with your chips or the highlight of your salad bowl -we'll deliver it to you!

  • CHF 550.-1 taken

    The hummus loverä

    Two packs of hummus await you every month (CH). As a dip, spread, with vegetables, forsalad or with falafel, there are no limits to your imagination!

  • CHF 750.-0 / 5 taken

    Special Edition Creatorä

    You love hummus as much as we do? Then help us create our next Special Edition. You decide on taste and ingredients and of course you will get a big portion (10 kg) for you, friends & family!

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 3 taken

    FYN comes to youä

    We organize at your home (CH) for up to 20 people an apero with lots of hummus, regional vegetables and many other specialities from the region.