FYN Hummus for Switzerland!

by Anik, Theo, and Johanna


We bring the most innovative products of Swiss agriculture to your kitchen table or office! Our hummus is local, super tasty, healthy and made from 100% CH organic ingredients.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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This is what it's all about.

Swiss agriculture is at a turning point. While the demands of consumers for transparency,quality and value for money continue to rise, the pressure on farmers is increasing with evernew laws and regulations. In addition, environmental conditions are changing insidiously with climate change. Everything no longer works as it did 20 years ago.

We at FYN solve this problem by making agricultural production accessible for the public again. At the same time, we support the introduction of new varieties and approaches, thus promoting the independence of farmers.

All these considerations have led to our first product, a regional hummus made from Swissorganic chickpeas and purely local ingredients.

Chickpeas are very drought-resistant and get by with small amounts of water. As a legume, they naturally fix nitrogen from the air and thus contribute to healthy ecosystems.

They are one of the crops of the future, as Swiss agriculture must also adapt to climate change. We produce in the heart of Zurich at Angst AG and use state-of-the-art HPP technology to make the hummus durable. This involves pasteurization by pressure and not by heat, whereby all ingredients such as vitamins are well preserved.

  • One of our first tests in the Zurich area
    One of our first tests in the Zurich area
  • Our Hummus, CLASSIC
    Our Hummus, CLASSIC

My project is special because ...

Most farmers produce for one reason: they want to sell their products on the market. And most consumers consume for the same reason: they want to satisfy their needs with what is on offer on the market.

Unfortunately, in recent years, a discrepancy between these demands has become more and more apparent. On the one hand due to political decisions, on the other hand due to alack of knowledge exchange. While consumers demand more and more ready-to-eat products, farmers mostly produce only the raw materials. Production is outsourced and the wishes and needs of both parties are lost on the way.

We at FYN restore this connection and bring everyone to the same table. At FYN, farmers produce in a soil-friendly and future-oriented way, without worrying about acceptance or further processing. And consumers receive products with full transparency and the full power of nature.

  • Proud of our little plants
    Proud of our little plants
  • One of our secret ingredients...
    One of our secret ingredients...
  • We love experiments! Here’s a test with coriander seeds and parsley
    We love experiments! Here’s a test with coriander seeds and parsley

This is what I need backing for.

Since we’re all still students and don’t have huge amounts of money in the background, we depend on your support. We want to sell our product at a price that is fair for all parties and corresponds to the value of the work done.

For this we have to produce in relatively large quantities right from the start and have considerable fixed costs. Among other things, this includes food testing, making cutting dies and prototypes, certifications, advertising and design.

Thanks to your help we can bring back high quality local products for your everyday life!

  • The Team: Anik, Theo & Johanna
    The Team: Anik, Theo & Johanna
  • Always motivated!
    Always motivated!