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You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 5.-0 taken


    You like my work? Buy me a coffee!

  • CHF 20.-0 taken


    You will receive an electronic copy of my Sea Rocks bead tutorial, which explains in details how to make my signature Sea Rocks beads.

  • CHF 45.-1 taken


    Thin, elegant and fashionable Sea Rocks bracelet, with a little Sea Rocks drop on a silk thread.

  • CHF 50.-4 taken


    Gift voucher valid on all my shops, classes and tutorials.

  • CHF 60.-1 taken


    You will get a 30 mm heart shaped pendant in Sea Rocks colors.

  • CHF 75.-4 taken


    You will get a pair of Sea Rocks earrings, either studs or pendant depending on your preferences. Perfect for a Christmas gift !

  • CHF 100.-1 taken


    You will get a 40 mm Sea Rocks pendant shaped like the wall paperweights, in the colors of your choice. Each side can be a different color !

  • CHF 150.-1 taken


    A unique gift for your favorite little one : a hands-on discovery of the wonderful world of hot glass in my studio. This 1h30 workshop will be centered on the execution of a glass piece made from a drawing by your little artist. The piece will be made by me with the assistance of the child. For example, we can make a little head sculpture based on a glass ball blown by him/her.

  • CHF 250.-0 taken


    You will get one Sea Rocks paperweight in the color of your choice.

  • CHF 650.-0 taken


    You will get a set of 3 paperweights in assorted colors, similar to those used for my Sea Rocks installations.