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  • EUR 15.-1 taken

    The little travelä

    You will receive 4 beautiful postcards to hang up or send !

  • EUR 45.-14 taken

    春の軌跡 Haru no kisekiä

    You will receive the book at home at the end of November.
    You are also welcome book opening... You will be informed of the date and location.

  • EUR 90.-13 taken

    春の軌跡 To shareä

    You will receive 2 copies of the books to give away and to give yourself as well as 8 beautiful postcards!

  • EUR 120.-3 taken

    Personal dedicationä

    You will receive the book with a personal dedication for yourself or for a gift, with a small drawing by my hand and 4 beautiful postcards.

  • EUR 150.-1 / 6 taken

    The sweet toothä

    In addition to your book, you will receive a small package filled with Japanese delicacies to enjoy at home and 4 beautiful postcards.

  • EUR 200.-3 taken

    The Generousä

    Do you love it and want to give it to everyone for Christmas?
    you will receive 5 copies and 10 postcards!

  • EUR 300.-1 taken

    The Great Travelerä

    You will receive the book in the end of November, then an original postcard drawn by me, sent from my next trip!

  • EUR 400.-0 taken

    Traces of timeä

    You will receive the book and choose an original work from my «Traces of time» series, inks and pigments on paper, mounted on canvas 24x30 cm.

  • EUR 550.-1 taken

    Letters from Kyotoä

    You will receive the book and choose an original work from my «Letters from Kyoto» series. A large envelope, designed in Japan and shipped from Kyoto, carefully framed, size 30 x 40 cm

  • EUR 600.-0 / 4 taken


    You will receive the book at the end of November and take part in my «Sketchbook» workshop during summer 2023. Many techniques will be discussed, you will discover how to make very original notebooks to use every day or during your next trips. Suitable for both beginners and people with previous knowledge.

  • EUR 1.800.-0 / 1 taken

    Original sketchbookä

    You will receive the book and a small original sketchbook, leporello format 9x14 cm, in a beautiful preservation box. This notebook was made with ink around my favorite temple in the city of Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku. Excerpts can be viewed on my website in the «sketchbook» section.
    A very valuable object!

  • EUR 3.600.-0 / 2 taken

    Exceptional Contributorä

    You have no more space on the walls and you collect artist books?
    You will receive one of the two remaining originals of my pilgrim booklets, protected in a beautiful preservation box.
    Foldable leporello format 13x21 cm, 24 pages.
    Techniques: Indian ink, watercolor, pencils.
    Because you’re an exceptional contributor, you’ll receive 3 free books and a little surprise gift!