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Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 6.-1 taken


    The Bird. @sthgelseinstead will follow you on twitter or Instagram… always listening to what else you have to say.

  • CHF 20.-28 / 150 taken


    The Surprise. You receive something else instead in your mailbox – literally and definitely not an invoice – and that’s to express our gratitude for your support.

  • CHF 60.-65 taken


    The Start-Kit. You want all 6 packs of cards right away? You will get them! Including an extra pack you can gift to someone else instead + the super duper Tote Bag.

  • CHF 120.-26 taken


    The Game Evening. You receive the Starter-Kit together with a bag fully packed with other Helvetiq games for an entertaining game evening at home. Let’s start the game!

  • CHF 160.-8 taken


    The Special. Your name is listed in the credits as an enabler. You receive a mixed box with 20 packs of cards. For sure, every pack is available twice. Also included is a tote bag. PS: We checked and it’s totally legal to bring your mixed box through customs.

  • CHF 320.-2 / 6 taken


    The Extra Special. Here you get The Special and something else money can’t buy; which is a full day under the theme Flirt/Advice/Brain Candy/Laugh/Thought/Relax (you pick a theme). We will make sure to surprise you with a tailor-made program. The small print goes like this: if the day is cut short (because you are too relaxed or if your flirt is successful, or anything along these lines), we won’t be able to give your money back.

  • CHF 500.-0 taken


    The Altruist. You would like to give away those sets of cards to your friends, customers or coworkers? You will get 48 sets of cards in a display, so all looks really nice when it is placed in the lobby or the coffee corner. Let’s motivate your crowd to interact, laugh, stretch and many more. Also includes a tote bag + your name in the credits. You will even be invited to brainstorm a new pack and card ideas with us.

  • CHF 1’500.-1 / 3 taken


    The Royalty and friends. You get The Royalty reward for yourself plus a chance to visit our workshop in Basel, Switzerland with 4-5 friends or coworkers. This might be your «look at something else instead» experience.

  • CHF 5’000.-0 / 3 taken


    You’re a company and want to offer your clients or employees Something Else Instead as a (Christmas) gift? Well then this reward’s for you: You’ll get 200 copies of tailor made boxes, especially designed for your company, containing a Something Else Instead game of your choice and customized instructions, where you can add a personal message.