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Charming flirting tips, good damn advice, funny jokes as well as anti-stress exercise. This is Something Else Instead, ingenious packs of cards that help you through thick and thin and give you a chance to shine wherever you are.

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Is it not good having short and entertaining breaks of daily routine, relaxation and laughing out loud with your mates? Have you taken too many smartphone-filled breaks lately?

With Something Else Instead, your breaks will become more social, entertaining and unpredictable!

Our cards take you out of the seriousness of everyday business. They help you upgrade your flirting skills, they feed your brain with candy and give you excellent stretching exercises for your back. And when you share «Something Else Instead» with friends who really need a break, it is good for them and for your karma.

Something Else Instead

My name is Hadi and I’m part of a professional team of game designers, authors and illustrators. Our aim is to publish our card packs with six different topics immediately after summer. Each of our packs includes 110 tips, wise sayings as well as laughing opportunities giving you the best ingredients for your break.

Here is one example of our card sets ADVICE, LAUGH and FLIRT:

Another example of our card sets BRAIN CANDY, THOUGHT, RELAX:

We considered different sizes and formats for «Something Else Instead». Ultimately, a deck of cards just felt right.
For the design, we like to divert objects from their normal use. So, we packed each set in the format of a pack of cigarettes. It’s handy, sturdy and perfectly sized for your pocket or your handbag.

This product is highly addictive!

You can already pre-order the packs of cards. You will receive before anyone else with an exclusive we make it-Goodie on top: a super-duper «Something Else Instead» Tote Bag. You can also pre-order a mixed 20-unit box including all different packs of cards.

We give you the opportunity to visit our workshop to meet our crafters during a Brain-Candy-Coffee.

And we also need inspiration, advice and love!

Good People make Good Games

With your preorder, you help us finance production tool costs and you make it possible to produce the packs at a reasonable price (card printing scales great with quantity). Thanks a bunch for this! You make our day! We give it our best to make Something Else Instead the best ingredient for your breaks. This is our ambition!

We would love to offer Something Else Instead in German and French also. But for the translation we need another CHF 10’000. So if we reach a total of CHF 15’000, we’re going to print the game in German and French as well. Deal?

Who is Helvetiq?

At Helvetiq we publish games, books, and design objects in both physical and digital formats. Our titles are fun, inspiring and also sometimes educational. We are best-known for SwissIQ, Game.Set.Match. the matchbox game collection, and Beer Hiking Switzerland. Our story began in 2008 when Hadi couldn’t find a fun and instructive way to prepare for a citizenship test. He decided to create the game he would have liked to use. That game sold 30’000 copies and inspired much more.


And with all rewards, you become part of a sophisticated «Something Else Instead» guild that advocates for a society that takes awesome breaks.

Shipping is free in Switzerland.

Extra shipping fees outside of Switzerland like Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, UK is €10. While Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Canada, and USA is €20 not to forget the others is €30.

Thanks for being part of it!

The Helvetiq Team
The Helvetiq Team