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  • EUR 20.-0 taken

    Horse Blessing Indianä

    You send a digital picture of the horse. I’ll make the video, like a priest laying the blessing around the image with flower garlands, swinging incense sticks, and giving a bag with banana and something like holy water. Please don’t think this is something super special or theatrical. It’s commonplace here and is done quite normally for hundreds every day. It might be impressive for you because it’s loud with so many people and children, very colourful, very normal, and surely very touching because everyone is there with deepest faith and reverence quite naturally.

    In our daily life, we live with all this supernatural stuff. Every morning, I perform a small ritual in front of the house, watering the temple with fresh water, burning incense sticks, and placing a few flowers—the Puja, the so-called daily blessing. This includes blessing the dog, the cats, the chickens, the cow, my horse, and the household members. I don’t apply red powder Kumkum and other ceremonies on the horse’s forehead because it’s too much for me early in the morning. I do it because it’s our culture, and it's somehow natural, and all the boys perform the Puja daily in our rural area. When my horse recovered from the snake bite, I went to three temples and had a thanksgiving blessing performed by the priests.

    We have specific temples for the blessing of animals. Hundreds of people go there daily and express their wishes, worries, and hopes. There's often a holy speaker. They read something in your soul, your thoughts of worries and troubles, and then make some remark about it. In the end, they give the blessing that everything will be fine.

    A week ago, I went to such a priest because I needed his blessing for something. Everyone, mom, dad, sister, grandparents, relatives, didn’t want me to buy a 200 CC motorcycle. I’m not yet 18 and don’t have a driver’s license. It's not a problem here in this very rural area. Still, they wanted me to ask the priest. I went with my grandfather to the temple in the mountains, and I was terribly afraid that the priest would say «No.» OMG, I was so happy when the very human holy priest gave his positive blessing for the purchase. Hurray!

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    Horse Birthday Cake Recipeä

    Horse Birthday Cake Recipe

    Since I don't have an oven available, this is a no-bake cake recipe for horses.

    This delight for your horse, your beloved enjoys eating it. Love goes through the stomach. That applies to horses too.

    I will send the recipe as soon as I receive your email from the crowdfunding organization.

    Enjoy it!

  • EUR 50.-0 taken

    Honorary Membership ä

    Once I have founded the association, you will become an honorary member. You will receive all the protocols of our meetings, the annual report, and surely also some impressions of our cozy walk, trot, and gallop gatherings.

  • EUR 50.-0 taken

    Marwari Horse Collage ä

    An Indian colourful creation of Marwari horses!

    You will receive the printed picture of approximately 40 x 60 cm by post mail.

    Be surprised!

  • EUR 100.-0 taken

    Q&A on Indian Horse Cultureä

    We will have a question-and-answer session via WhatsApp video conference.

    A horse expert and Marwari horse dealer from Rajasthan, the horse country in India, will answer all your questions. My horse is from his stable. He lives 80 kilometres away, and I will go to him for our WhatsApp conference.

  • EUR 200.-0 taken

    Tour through Rajasthanä

    Anyone traveling to India by December 2027 will receive a 10-day guided tour through the horse country Rajasthan from me and a local guide or horse expert. The Great Mughal Emperor Akbar from Marwar in North India had over 12,000 horses in his cavalry in the 16th century in that country. Impressive!

    The horse breed got the name from that region Marwar.

    We will discuss the details in advance. I will cover my travel, meals, and accommodation expenses. You would need to cover the costs for the local expert.

    You can also come as a pair, family, or group.

    This will be unforgettable!

    I would also be very excited about this trip. After all, my horse and the Marwari breed come from Rajasthan, North India, 2000 km away from me.

  • EUR 200.-0 taken

    Adventure Holidays and Horseä

    I discuss and plan unforgettable adventure horseback riding holidays with you at a paradisiacal beach in South India.

    The horse Raja is available to you in the mornings. It is an extremely affectionate and child-friendly Indian Marwari horse.

    In front of the beach cottage, there are 8 kilometres of untouched sandy beaches for riding, cycling, or walking. On the beach, there are only children from fishing families or the fishermen with their boats. Here, there are only a few tourists in the 5-star resort for 500 euros/night. Four kilometres away, there is a 3-star hotel overlooking the sea for 25 euros per night.

    Offers for Adventure Holidays

    Private 2-star beach house for up to 5 people can be rented for CHF 50 per night. Camping is allowed on the 100 x 80-meter sandy property with 50 coconut trees.
    Kayaking in the mangrove jungle. Private kayak is available.
    Overnight stay on Robinson Island 1 km away from the beach hut in the sea.
    Enjoy the sunset from the high seat (5 meters above ground) under coconut palm branches and lose yourself in the starry sky with the sound of waves and bird chirping.
    Try local cuisine delivered by neighbours, 2 CHF per meal. Contact with a local family!
    Snorkelling and scuba diving.
    Visit dolphins. Swim with the dolphins.
    Trekking to the waterfalls in the hills. Adventure tours accompanied by local kids for pocket money.
    Nothing is perfect or luxurious, some things will be unforgettable adventures. Experiences in purest nature, human relationships with the locals, and a touch of Indian spirituality will be guaranteed to you.

    Cost overview: Flight from Zurich (or Frankfurt) to Mangalore, round trip, approximately CHF 900.- for 1 adult. Pickup at the airport, taxi CHF 50 or bus CHF 5.-. Beach house CHF 50.-/night. Delivered meal per person CHF 2.-. Accompaniment to the market and shops with scooter or provided bicycles for pocket money.

    Questions about this offer can be made in German. I will then call the Swiss neighbour who lives on the beach and is happy to help further.

  • EUR 999.-0 taken


    This donation is almost an incredible donation. I appreciate your confidence in my horsepower above all, and I don't know how to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    This is more than Diwali (Christmas) and all my birthdays combined - my gratitude to you will last forever and should reach deep into your heart.

    From my heavenly feeling of happiness and joy, I am so grateful to you that I wish Pegasus wings to be bestowed upon you, so that you can walk through life a little lighter and more uplifted!

    Thank you!