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  • CHF 25.-11 taken

    Selfmade X-Mas-Cookiesä

    To beautify you the days around Christmas, we bake a bag of cookies for you. That means: Savannah and Andrea mix and knead the cookie dough and Piri and Selv prick the biscuits and bake them. And with that we wish you a good anticipation for the Christmas season! \ M /

  • CHF 35.-48 taken


    Yeah! You will receive a signed copy of the concept album «INFERNUM» and a signed autograph card from the band.

  • CHF 45.-24 taken

    INFERNUM (vinyl)ä

    Nice! You will receive a signed vinyl record of INFERNUM and a signed autograph card from the band. // You will get the first copies. Shipping starts on March 2020.

  • CHF 50.-4 / 40 taken

    Fänz for allä

    A traditional evening from Muotathal with the traditional alp dish «Fänz» and a decent coffee (with schnapps). Traditional Swiss clothing desirable to maintain the ambience. // Date: October 12, 2019; Location: Muotathal (SZ – CH) // More information here (you find the video also in the news area):

  • CHF 55.-18 taken

    INFERNUM Release Showä

    Yeah! You will receive 2 tickets including a personal invitation by letter post and a welcome goodie at the INFERNUM Release Show on December 7, 2019 in the Chollerhalle in Zug (CH). // We look forward to you! \m/

  • CHF 60.-6 taken

    All digitalä

    WOW! You will receive all recordings (EP, single, albums) of INFINITAS digitally (including all covers and booklets).You will also receive the two new single songs from our new album INFERNUM on the release date. // Check out all the recordings:

  • CHF 75.-44 taken

    Pure INFERNUMä

    Oh yes! We'll give you the best hell we can! Receive a signed copy of the INFERNUM album, the new INFERNUM - shirt* and a signed autograph card. // **please write us your size (Men-Shirt: S, M, L, XL, XXL; Women-Shirt: S, M, L, XL)

  • CHF 80.-5 / 5 taken

    Zip Hoodie Self-Destructionä

    You get one of the last 5 Self-Destruction Zip-Hoodies (just size M & L left) and a firelighter from INFINITAS.

  • CHF 250.-8 / 8 taken


    You’ll be part of the pre-release party! YEAH! You will get the chance to listen to our new album before it’s official release in Decemeber 2019. We will offer some stuff from the grill, snacks, some drinks and we will play three or four songs live for you. You will receive a signed copy of the new album. // DATE: November 16th 2019, Place: Muotathal

  • CHF 400.-1 / 5 taken

    Party with INFINITASä

    After some snacks at our band room, we’ll eat dinner at a special restaurant in Muotathal. Then we’ll be ready for some partying with you! All entries and some drinks are included. // DATE: January 18th 2020

  • CHF 750.-0 / 8 taken

    Vocal workshop with Andreaä

    2 days just YOU, your voice and your body. Learn different vocal techniques (classic, pop/rock, metal) and how to personalize your unique voice. // Workshop in German // More information availaible at: // DATE: March 14th & 15th 2020 - alternative date: April 4th & 5th 2020.

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 4 taken

    Unplugged Concertä

    You are fantastic! To say thank you, we'll play an unplugged (acoustic) concert for you for 60 minutes. You can choose 3 songs you want to hear for sure. You will also receive our new album INFERNUM. // Switzerland and bordering countries// Please make sure, that we have enough space for our instruments and show. // Questions:

  • CHF 2’600.-1 / 3 taken

    Amplified Concertä

    Awesome! Thank you for your support!!! We will play an amplified concert (60 minutes) for you wherever you want us to play. Just make sure we have enough space for our instruments and show. Also go ahead and make sure that it's allowed to play an amplified concert at your location of choice. Of course you will receive our new album INFERNUM, too. // Switzerland and bordering countries// Without PA! If we have to bring the PA it costs 1000 CHF extra // Questions:

  • CHF 5’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Golden Personalityä

    We are speechless! Our endless gratitude goes out to you! To show our appreciation, you will enjoy an overnight stay with INFINITAS in an Igloo with outdoor-wellness-area. We also have a small surprise which is full of action. We will thank you at our release show and your name/logo will be well visible during the event. Your name will be on the guest list of the Album Release on December 7th 2019 (Chollerhalle, Zug, CH)

  • CHF 25’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Endless Festival-Bundleä

    We’ll play a LIFETIME at your festival for free. Isn’t that an exciting deal? No risk, no fun! This is how it works: You support us once by sponsoring us through wemakeit and you are guaranteed a lifetime of performances from us at your festival- you choose when. This could be a pretty interesting investment for the future!
    With the purchase of this goodie you accept the following conditions: //