When there's a tight album, there has to be an even tighter sequel. What happened to Luntaris and the last survivors in that dark night and how does the story continue?

INFINITAS releases a new album

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This is what it's all about

When there’s an awesome album, there has to be an even more awesome sequel. What happened to Luntaris and the last survivors of that dark night? How does the story continue?

We are INFINITAS, a metal band from Muotathal (Switzerland) and we’re busy working on our new album. Melodic metal a little bit of thrash, some folk and a pinch of heavy is going to make you want to bang your head again. Our creativity is characterized by deep emotions and fantasy tales. The story told in the previous album «CIVITAS INTERITUS» about our protagonist, who just barely escaped the demons who destroyed his city, will continue. The new album unfolds one of three different sequels. In order to give you a better understanding of our magical tale, we will be release two video clips explaining it. We are raising money to help fund our album project and to pay for other expenses related to it, e.g. video clips, recording, production, merch, design and so on.

INFERNUM - the new album is on fire!
INFERNUM - the new album is on fire!

Band, vision and concept

We are INFINITAS - a band from Muotathal (Switzerland) and currently consist of three people: Selv Martone (guitars), Piri Betschart (drums) and Andrea Böll (vocals). For the time being session musicians are playing other important instruments such as the bass and violin. Marcel «Camel» Koller (Live- and studio, also plays in the band Charburn) rocks the bass and Savannah Childers (live) and Hanna Landolt (studio) play violin.

Our vision is to give everyone an opportunity to take a break and forget about their problems in daily life. We want to tell a story through our music, releases and concerts, which is fantastic and far beyond everyday life. Moreover, we have created a medieval fantasy world, where demons, ghosts and other creatures decide between good and evil. A protagonist takes us on a journey through this interesting world filled with adventures and amazing tales. MEMORIA – How it will continue… The main idea behind the concept series of the trilogy is the principle of parallel universes and the power of our own minds. What if we could switch between different realms only through the power of our thoughts? What if heaven, hell and Earth coexisted at the same time everywhere and we could control which world we pay the most attention to? The concept series MEMORIA is made up of 3 releases. The first album will already be released this year. Our protagonist has reached a point where he doesn’t know what to do or where he is going to end up. After escaping from Lunatris he sails across the lonesome sea without land in sight. This is where it gets interesting: He has many ways he can approach this situation. He could mourn his loneliness, his past and the question life in general and completely lose himself in negative thoughts. The consequences of these negative thoughts are experiencing his own personal hell (INFERNUM). However, he could also think about his future, stay positive and keep on fighting and finally experience something positive. This would be his own personal heaven (CAELUS). Perhaps he surrenders himself to both. He might be full of doubts but still has hope for the future at the same time. He might experience some sort of balance between the two on Earth (TELLUS). We are trying to raise money for the first album (INFERNUM) of the trilogy through our CROWDFUNDING-PROJECT. INFERNUM means hell. Hence, the first album will be all about a negative view on life and the world our protagonist sinks into. Two music videos will be released to underline this. We want to provide you the best hell possible. We would really appreciate your support. You can help finish this album – we can’t do it without you!

We need your support!

In order to finance our projects, including album and video clips, we need your help. We have to raise more than CHF 50’000.-

  • CHF 20 000.- recording
  • CHF 7 000.- registration and production
  • CHF 2 000.- design
  • CHF 2 300.- Merch
  • CHF 13 000.- for both video clips

OUR FINANCIAL PLAN We are aiming for

  • Crowdfunding: CHF 13 500.- net profit
  • Sponsors: CHF 15 000.-
  • Kulturförderung Schwyz (promotion of culture): CHF 2 000.-
  • Trade and support: CHF 20 000.- (www.tauschen.infinitasband.ch)
  • INFINITAS band money: CHF 4 000.-


  • Donations at the merch store for the new album
  • Concerts
  • Merchandise

Now it’s your turn. Have we convinced you? Do you want to become part of the Infinitas-Family and support us? Don’t waste any time and check there’s rewards. There’s some really cool stuff. You get choose your own reward. Take the you like the most and help us complete the album INFERNUM!


**In case of overpayment the difference will be reinvested in the production of MEMORIA II:

  • Different Merch Bundles
    Different Merch Bundles
  • Pre-Release-Party at our rehearsal
    Pre-Release-Party at our rehearsal
  • Party with INFINITAS
    Party with INFINITAS
  • 2-Tägiger Vocal-Workshop
    2-Tägiger Vocal-Workshop
  • Unplugged Concert
    Unplugged Concert
  • Plugged Concert
    Plugged Concert
  • Golden Personality
    Golden Personality
  • Endless Festival Bundle
    Endless Festival Bundle