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Back the project «issmit.app»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 15.- Free software for all! 10 takenä

    Free software for all!

    The issmit.app is already yours, it is free software and always will be! But with 4 francs, you have the good feeling of having contributed to its development. No one can ever take that away from you again... ;-) You also get digital stickers to distribute the issmit.app.

  • CHF 25.- Your name in the podcast! 2 takenä

    Your name in the podcast!

    Your financial commitment to the development of the issmit.app will be rewarded with a mention of your name or a pseudonym in the in-house podcast.

  • CHF 30.- Your name in the README file 7 takenä

    Your name in the README file

    We put your name or a pseudonym of your choice in the README file of the issmit.app. So if you want to brag among your techie friends that you played a relevant role in the development of the issmit.app, this is just the right goodie for you ;-)

  • CHF 35.- No advertising, please! 2 takenä

    No advertising, please!

    You will receive the practical consumer protection sticker set («Bitte keine Werbung», «Keine Gratiszeitungen», «Refusé», weitere nützliche Kleber) and a small guidebook on how to protect yourself against excessive advertising. (in german!)

  • CHF 45.- Eco-knowledge compact! 6 takenä

    Eco-knowledge compact!

    You get the three-part mini-guide set of the Consumer Protection on the topic of sustainable consumption: «Teilen statt besitzen», «Umweltschonend einkaufen dank Ökobilanzen» und «Nachhaltig konsumieren – reparieren, teilen, tauschen». (in german!)

  • CHF 65.- ÖKOlogisch Guidebook 3 takenä

    ÖKOlogisch Guidebook

    If you want to consume as correctly as possible, you are confronted with complex contexts and a huge range of products. We send you the easy-to-read (german!) guidebook «ÖKOlogisch», which shows where and how to pull the lever. It gives tips on what we can do every day and that it is important to do it now.

  • CHF 100.- Commoning knowledge compact 9 takenä

    Commoning knowledge compact

    You will receive two (german!) packages of carefully selected eBooks on the topic of commons, courtesy of the authors. One package describes the practice of the commons economy, the other provides the theoretical background. After reading them, you will be ready for the future ;-)

  • CHF 120.- Invitation to our podcast 2 / 5 takenä

    Invitation to our podcast

    You can participate in the podcast of the Global Commoning System, you can ask your questions, your criticism, your praise or your thoughts about issmit.app and the Global Commoning System. We look forward to your opinion!

  • CHF 240.- «Hall of Fame»! 3 takenä

    «Hall of Fame»!

    Thanks to you, things will move forward in leaps and bounds! You support the development of issmit.app significantly. Your name or a pseudonym of your choice will be listed in the app's «Hall of Fame» for all time.

  • CHF 650.- Super profit bargain ;-) 0 takenä

    Super profit bargain ;-)

    We are eternally grateful for your great commitment! On top of that, you get all the above goodies together! If that's not a super-profit bargain! ;-)

  • CHF 900.- Video meeting with the team 1 / 10 takenä

    Video meeting with the team

    You get the opportunity to talk about issmit.app with members of the Global Commoning Team via video conference. We will tell you about the latest developments, what advantages the app will offer you and answer your questions.

  • CHF 1’900.- Eat with the team 0 / 2 takenä

    Eat with the team

    We invite you to one of the incredibly rare meetings of the Global Commoning System team. You will be cooked by us, get to know us and can ask us your questions for a whole evening. We look forward to it!

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

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