The brings you and your neighbourhood together to cook and eat together. The (free) app communicates wishes, ingredients and transport. Give the developers the go-ahead!

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 5/7/2021

The Your neighbourhood now cooks for each other!

Imagine: You can enter in a new free app that you would like to have a fine meal cooked by volunteers from the neighbourhood on your office days. In the background, the app breaks down your request into different steps and displays the necessary work, transport, ingredients, etc. in the app. People who also use the app can now sign up for these and other activities and together contribute to the neighbourhood cooking for each other. The more people join in, the quicker your wish for a neighbourly meal on your office days will be fulfilled….

Why should people do this? Firstly, because it’s fun to make others happy. Secondly, because it creates new acquaintances in the neighbourhood. And thirdly, because contributors to the app receive recognition for their work, which in turn can increase the likelihood that their wishes will also be heard.

The is a completely new way to get to know your neighbourhood, to be active and to get lovingly prepared food.

In order to start programming the, we need your participation. If we reach our goal of CHF 7,700, our software professionals can start programming immediately. The pilot projects will then start before the end of the year, perhaps in your neighbourhood too!

The more people help to advance this innovative project, the greater the chance that conventional funding organisations will also support financially. So don’t hesitate too long, contribute to the funding and soon get to know your neighbourhood in a whole new way while cooking and eating… ;-)

  • What the can do
    What the can do
  • Free forever!
    Free forever!
  • With 7000.- we programme the basics
    With 7000.- we programme the basics

The Global Commoning System & the

In 2015, the Foundation for Consumer Protection founded the Repair Café Bern. There are now over 150 such voluntary repair organisations in Switzerland, thanks to the promotion of consumer protection. In 2019, Konsumentenschutz opened the successful LeihBar Bern. Now, Konsumentenschutz has teamed up with progressive developers from the commons movement. After joint repair and joint lending, the focus is now on joint creation.

The goal is to create a basic software protocol called «Global Commoning System» that enables people who do not know each other to fulfil the wishes of community members together.

In the final version of the software, the wishes can be extensive and behind them complex production steps based on the division of labour can be necessary. The «Global Commoning System» has the potential to put the current economic system back on its feet: First comes need, then production - no longer the other way around.

The is the first step. With the help of the app, Consumer Protection wants to build communities in pilot regions that voluntarily cook with and for each other. If the meets with approval, further applications will follow to cover increasingly complex needs.

The software is opensource, which means that the source code is open and the and the «Global Commoning System» can be further developed by programmers all over the world. The software is also licensed in such a way that it can never be charged for and must always remain free. The belongs to you and everyone else who uses it, and not to any corporation that is after your data.

We've been busy...
We've been busy...

App development is expensive!

Unfortunately, we do not have enough software developers in the team to programme the and the basic functionalities ourselves. We also partly lack the specific know-how. We therefore work together with three specialised software companies. But this is expensive. We calculate with CHF 7000 per so-called software sprint. Such a sprint lasts two weeks, during which precisely defined software requirements are programmed.

With this we will have programmed the most basic functionalities of This is an important first step, because it will allow us to show you and the whole world what incredible power is in the concept. This will hopefully attract more funding on the one hand and volunteer software developers and programmers on the other, so that the app will get better and better…

Let’s be clear: the budget for programming and publicising the is over CHF 50,000. Consumer Protection cannot raise this amount on its own. Crowdfunding is therefore the launching pad on the way to larger funding from other organisations, and applications are in progress. Your contribution is therefore enormously important to show that the meets with interest!

We hope for your participation in the funding. In return, we will provide free software that can contribute to a better world.

If you want to help with the project, get in touch! We are looking forward to your support.

Costs at a glance
Costs at a glance