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  • EUR 25.-19 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Personal dedicated CD

  • EUR 55.-3 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    You can assist to the rehearsal of a concert and the concert of your choice + singed CD

  • EUR 75.-4 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    A personal singed CD and the first CD Hommages in addition.

  • EUR 110.-4 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    A piano lesson or music lesson at my place on my grand piano + singed CD

  • EUR 255.-2 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    A concert place for the 6 concerts of The Piano Salon next season with all Brahms and Beethoven cello and violin sonatas + a singed CD

  • EUR 630.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    A private concert at my place or yours with the works of the CD with comments + a singed CD

  • EUR 890.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    You can assist to all general repetition of the 6 concerts of the next season of The Piano Salon with all Brahms and Beethoven violin and cello sonatas plus 2 places for all the concerts + a singed CD

  • EUR 2.300.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    You can come with me and assist to the two days of recording in Warschaw + 5 singed CD to distribute to your friends.

  • EUR 7.500.-0 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Alone or with a group of friends you can ask all compensations together as main producer of the CD