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  • EUR 25.-634 taken

    Personal profileä

    You receive a personal profile on the LivingEarth platform, which not only enables you to use ALL functions of the platform, but also opens the gates to the New Earth. Support us with 1-year personal profile.

  • EUR 66.-23 / 23 taken

    Deep Dive Coachingä

    A single word, a single exchange has the potential to fully change your day. We support you in your personal situation or with your idea, your solution in 30min personal deep dive coaching with 1 person out of our team (via phone or Zoom).

  • EUR 77.-63 taken

    Plant a tree in Zschepplinä

    With your support we plant a tree in the renaturation area at Zschepplin/Leipzig. A tree that further contributes to the biodiversity and thus improvement of air, water and earth.

  • EUR 111.-12 / 14 taken

    Dein Potential mit Steffenä

    Unser Weisenrat Steffen Lohrer wird in einer Intensiv-Session von 60min mit dir und einer kleinen Gruppe von 14 Menschen darauf eingehen, WIE du konkret und praktisch aus den wiederkehrenden Schleifen deines Lebens aussteigen kannst, den Moment ehrst und schätzt und somit dein Heil-Sein, deinen inneren Frieden im Alltag leben kannst. Sei in deinem vollen Potential in der Neuen Erde.

  • EUR 111.-80 taken

    Profile of your organisationä

    You receive a profile for your non-profit organization (incl. all self-employed) on the LivingEarth platform, which not only enables you to present your vision, but also opens the gates to realize your ideas (further) on this earth. Support us with a 1-year organizational profile.

  • EUR 122.-36 / 32 taken

    Growth Campä

    You are part of the LivingEarth Growth Camp from 24.-30. Januar 2022 (every evening 1,5h via Zoom), in which we discuss with our wise council how we realize and awake the New Earth in us and on this earth.

  • EUR 133.-108 taken

    Leonardit & Cleoä

    You receive Coco’s, Priska’s und Catharina's favourite products in terms of the New Earth: Leonardit is composed of billions of information and microbes, which as such do not exist in our food anymore.
    Leonardit mixed with water informs our body, our cells and our entire system with this basic information in order to live in a perfect symbiotic environment.

    Cleo Healing Earth is a 100% nature product from the Friedrichs-Zeche in Regensburg, consisting of a particular loam and Leonardit. Healing earth on the forehead, the soles and back of your foot has a calming, grouding and balancing effect on your body, mind and soul. Cleo on wound, swellings, bruises or for allergies can cause calming and healing reactions.

  • EUR 222.-5 / 20 taken

    Ein Nachmittag mit Ricardoä

    Ein Nachmittag mit Ricardo. Er wird euch wahrlich verzaubern - mit all seinen Zauberkünsten. Und er wird euch und euren Kindern Impulse mitgeben, Fragen beantworten, was das Neue Lernen betrifft, um dein und das Potential deiner Kinder hier und jetzt zu leben.

  • EUR 333.-4 / 20 taken

    Christina von Dreien - Zeitä

    Eine exklusive Frage- und Antwortstunde mit Christina von Dreien. Während eineinhalb Stunden habt ihr die Möglichkeit, Christina direkt eure brennenden Fragen zu stellen. 20 Menschen werden in den Chat aufgenommen, der vom Dreamteam der Living Earth moderiert wird.

  • EUR 333.-1 / 2 taken

    Zu deinen Wurzeln mit Patricä

    Während eineinhalb Stunden Zoom-Gespräch führt dich unser Weisenrat Patric Pedrazzoli zu den Wurzeln deines Selbst. Lass deinen Fragen über Heilung, Wunder und Transformation bis hin zu deiner Berufung freien Lauf, und spüre die Kraft und den Mut, die aus dem Austausch hervorgehen.

  • EUR 333.-8 taken

    Private humus event ä

    You receive a presentation and moderated discussion on humus for you and the people you invited - 5 hours full of inspiration. If you are called to organize a humus event with your family and friends, so that your social environment is more aware of humus and its potential, we offer to be your humus ambassador. You organize the room and the people and one out of our team (Coco Tache, Catharina Roland or Priska Broese) is joining for presentation, moderation and exchange. For journey and accommodation we are happy if this is covered by donations from the participants.

  • EUR 777.-9 taken

    Company profileä

    You receive a profile for your enterprise on the LivingEarth platform, which not only enables you company to present your vision, your products and your form of sustainability, but also opens the gates to realize your ideas (further) on this earth. Support us with a 1-year organizational profile.

  • EUR 888.-0 taken

    You and me, an interviewä

    If you have an inspiring project: We from the project team regularly interview inspiring people and visionaries, which we publish on the LivingEarth Youtube channel, on Odysee, Telegram and other social media. We are happy to present your ideas and visions and together we talk about your project that is just waiting to be shared with the world.

  • EUR 1.111.-2 / 5 taken

    AWAKE - Film Talkä

    Catharina Roland, the successful and enchanting filmmaker of «Awake In The Dream» and «Awake2Paradise», travels to the place you have organized to screen Awake2Paradise and afterwards she enters into inspiring conversations with your audience. Be an ambassador of life and let your participants walk in confidence, trust and joy into their everyday life.
    Catharina´s travel and - if necessary an overnight stay - could be financed by donations of the participants.

  • EUR 1.333.-6 taken

    Connect to your true natureä

    One day with Catharina Roland, Coco Tache, Priska Broese, Bénédicte Fumey or Valeria Kechichian in a special place that connects you to your true essence.

  • EUR 1.500.-1 taken


    You will get 2-3 hours (online via Zoom) with Catharina Roland, Priska Broese and Coco Tache to talk about your idea, your project, the solution(s) to take your project further. During this conversation we will also find out with whom we can connect you for the concrete implementation of your project.

  • EUR 3.333.-1 taken

    Back to the roots seminarä

    This seminar from Friday to Sunday with Catharina Roland, Coco Tache and Priska Broese is taking place in the beautiful nature of Austria. The three will accompany you to your roots, to your essence, to live your mission, your calling here on the New Earth.

  • EUR 15.000.-0 taken

    Key sponsorä

    You are the main sponsor of one of our events. Last year we successfully organized several New Earth events with a very great response. With this package you as the main sponsor give us the framework to organize and promote an event on YOUR topic. Your logo, your name will be always shared in connection with this event. - if you wish so - in videos, flyers, texts as well as on the website. There is hardly a better advertising than to stand up for the New Earth.

  • EUR 33.300.-0 taken

    LivingEarth co-creatorä

    You are our main partner for 1 whole year LivingEarth. Your name, your logo will be placed on all promotional material (flyers, newsletters, websites, events, tickets etc.). Set a sign in terms of sustainability of your company and be a pioneer of the New Earth.