LIVING EARTH - for the highest good of all life

Never before has it been so important to network with like-minded people and to focus our attention and thus our creative power together on what we really want to create. The LIVING EARTH platform is built on the vision of a truly vibrant and joyful life - the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO, which we published in early 2021 in collaboration with over 200 people.

The manifesto shows an Earth where all life is valued, where nature is healthy and where the lives of us humans are once again in harmony with nature and the natural cycles. An earth where the happiness of all living beings is above all material values and where everyone’s potential can fully unfold.

Please visit the Manifesto page and watch the video. To date, over 14,000 people are part of a growing movement towards a new life.

The platform LIVING EARTH serves to transform this beautiful vision into concrete actions - it brings together people and projects, ideas and solutions and is an invitation to us to actively shape the New Earth. Together and each individually, the LIVING EARTH platform takes responsibility for the Earth and all life - for a living future for our children.

On LIVING EARTH you will find practical solutions for all areas of life. Let’s take an example: You want to start a forest kindergarten for your children, grow bees in the city, start a repair café, make your own toothpaste or buy your vegetables directly from an organic farmer? On the LIVING EARTH WORLD MAP you can easily find forest kindergartens, beekeeping courses, your suitable community, do-it-yourself recipes and organic farmers in your area to network and exchange ideas. On the LIVING EARTH THEME SITES you will find articles on your current favorite topic or you can write your own articles about your experiences or helpful tips. You can find events and courses on your favorite topic. You can exchange ideas in a chat room or get more information, get involved and network in live streams. And of course you can create your own LIVING EARTH PROFILE to present your talents, to be found by future friends or ask the community for support. How easy it will be to find like-minded friends and implementers.

We no longer believe that anyone will «save» us. We know that «we are the ones we have been waiting for» and we are «crazy» enough to believe that if we realize how many we are and network, activate the intelligence of our heart and give free rein to our talents, our creative power and our creativity, we can create a new paradise on earth. So let’s get started!

If you too feel this vision in your hearts and support us, then the LIVING EARTH platform will be available to us in full working order as early as spring 2022!

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«When the right time comes, hundreds and thousands come. People who are there voluntarily. Then changes can happen. Because change happens when a lot of people go in the same direction at the same time.» (Christina von Dreien)

Christina von Dreien is part of the «Wise Council» of the MANIFEST OF THE NEW EARTH, which is available to us for practical questions. Together with other integrally thinking experts, such as Daniele Ganser (history), Dieter Broers (biophysics), Rüdiger Dahlke (healing), Ricardo Leppe (free education), Franz Hörmann (financial system), Uwe Burka (communities), Steffen Lohrer (wisdom teachings), Anke Evertz (higher consciousness), Patric Petrazzoli (healing) and many others.

We - the core team of LIVING EARTH - have come together from different directions and areas. And we have all accomplished great projects. What unites us is an inner knowing that we are collectively in a birth canal into a New Age and we are serving this change with a great dedication to life. We feel that we humans can create a paradise on earth together if we follow a clear vision, listen to the wisdom of our hearts, if we network, share our knowledge with each other, inspire each other and roll up our sleeves full of enthusiasm and get started.

Because the New Earth is created by all of us together and therefore the LIVING EARTH platform will also be filled, enriched and enlivened by all of us - the LIVING EARTH COMMUNITY.

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You receive the basis, the «humus» for a living life in this world - the platform LIVING EARTH, which has implemented many functions for networking, for supporting the implementation of your ideas and offers a high degree of security for our exchange.

For this purpose, we are working with a team of highly motivated and enormously qualified web designers and programmers from the Grisons Alps in Switzerland, with whom Coco has already worked successfully.

(The) 87,000 euros will make it possible to finance the development and programming of the site, the refinement of the design and the external costs for third-party applications. Once we have the amount together, LIVING EARTH can go «live» within 3 months and each of us can become an active co-creator of our living Earth.

THANK YOU for your contribution to LIVING EARTH. THANK YOU for being a part of the LIVING EARTH. We look forward to seeing you.