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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • CHF 20.-5 taken

    A warm Thank You!ä

    Get a digital «Tahnak You» card in the image of Lupi'Food

  • CHF 50.-20 taken

    Lupin in the gardenä

    Help us to increase the cultivation area in Switzerland and receive a bag of ornamental lupine seeds to sow at home. The «decorative» touch for the garden!

  • CHF 80.-30 taken

    Protein tasting packä

    Receive a tasting pack of 100% Swiss plant-based proteins to enjoy in a variety of ways

  • CHF 110.-6 taken

    Let's pop the champagne!ä

    Come and celebrate with us the inauguration of the first Swiss lupine tofu production and toast the occasion!

  • CHF 130.-1 taken

    Lupin discovery boxä

    Discover the world of «Lupin superfood» with this box containing various products: flour, coarsely ground lupin seeds for tabbouleh, coffee (weird isn't it?!) and other surprises.

  • CHF 150.-9 taken

    Sponsor Lupi'Food cropä

    Sponsor 50m2 of our first 0,5ha-lupin crop and receive a 500g bag of lupin for cooking along with a few recipes

  • CHF 200.-9 / 20 taken

    Official Lupi'Food Tasterä

    Participate in the development of our recipes by becoming an official Lupi'Food taster

  • CHF 300.-5 / 15 taken

    Tofu production + dinnerä

    Join us for a visit to an artisanal tofu making workshop which will end with a vegetarian dinner tasting

  • CHF 400.-1 / 8 taken

    Veggie cooking classä

    You will (re)discover the pleasure of vegetarian cooking thanks to Coralie's experience and shared passion. We will then enjoy the 3 dishes prepared all together.

  • CHF 600.-0 / 15 taken

    Farm to forkä

    Embark on the project with a visit to the lupin farm, a tofu-making workshop and a tasting session as an open buffet!

  • CHF 1’000.-1 / 2 taken

    Home private dinnerä

    We come to your place to prepare a vegetarian dinner for 4 people. A bit of lupin might be hidden in the dishes ;)

  • CHF 5’000.-0 taken

    Team building Sustainabilityä

    Are you looking for an original event to raise team awareness about sustainable food? We can put together a personalised programme for 10-15 people around that topic, including a visit, workshop and tasting.