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  • CHF 5.-3 taken


    You will receive our sincere gratitude through email and be thanked on our Facebook page!

  • CHF 15.-4 taken


    An exclusive rehearsal or performance picture will be sent to you through email with our warm thanks.

  • CHF 30.-3 taken


    An exclusive picture from the London performance will be sent to your home address, with our warm thanks!

  • CHF 50.-19 taken


    An exclusive DVD of our London performance filmed in HD will be sent to you along with a picture and our most sincere thank you.

  • CHF 100.-8 / 8 taken


    Receive an exclusive company T-shirt and our sincere thanks!

  • CHF 120.-2 taken


    Special end of year Reward and orignal Christmas present! A desk calendar with ’Risk Forward’ pictures to motivate you everyday to take action! We accompany you in 2015 with a strong positive energy! Careful, as this reward is available until Wednesday only!

  • CHF 300.-3 taken


    Along with the exclusive DVD of the London performance, you will be able to skype us (meet us live in london) for an exclusive meeting with the artists and ask us all you want to know. There is also the option of meeting the choreographer directly (in london or Geneva) to find out more about the work of the company.

  • CHF 500.-2 taken


    You will be able to participate to a company workshop, in Geneva or London! A physical approach to the company’s work. You will be given a class then learn a part of the piece!

  • CHF 1’000.-0 taken


    Exclusive day in London! You will attend our technical rehearsal and be invited to our performance at the Robin Howard Theatre, the Place where are shown 3 pieces including ’risk forward’. It is an opportunity to meet the artists, spend some time with them and have a drink after the performance. Most of all it is an experience to get a closer look into the very special performing world!

  • CHF 3’000.-0 taken


    We will come and perform to one of your event! Whether it is a work event, a private celebration, indoor or outdoor, we will be there!