Why support us?

After a career as a dancer between Switzerland and England, I have decided to create my own company, «CieMulator», as an attempt to place dance at the heart of our everyday life and to establish a dialogue with a larger public. It is essential for me that people find some sort of meaning and understanding within my pieces. I want them to be both touched and entertained in a powerful and interesting way. For the experience to be impactful, it has to be rich in sensations, through a visual, as well as through a sound dimension. I am ambitious and believe in dance’s powers to have a global impact on challenging people’s perspectives.

The project in details

A first draft of the piece ’Risk Forward’ was performed at the Cerise Festival in Lausanne. I would now wish to take the next step and rework the duet, in order to increase its impact and visibility. For this, we need at least two weeks of rehearsal in a studio. Moreover, we wish to collaborate with two musicians (a guitarist and a contemporary beat-boxer) to compose a captivating and gripping sound; with a lighting designer to produce an experience, which will seek to generate the shivers of a movie, yet sharing the energies of reality.

Through physical and emotional risk-taking and the awakening of senses, we are willing to captivate and entertain spectators of all ages. Indeed with a strong dose of suspense, we will play with their expectations. As part of a game, the two protagonists test their limits, challenging each other to progress in their respective lives. The two musicians, on stage as well, will join the game as equal players, involved physically.

We are aiming for the piece to last about 25 minutes. We hope to be able to tour Switzerland and England, in order to share our passion and build our reputation. A first performance is programmed in London (Robin Howard Theatre) on the 21st of January 2015, as part of the Resolution festival.


Where does your money go?

It is difficult for an emergent company to gain support and funding. We are yet established artists and have to live from our profession. We also need to cover all our costs such as, rehearsal spaces, venue fees, travel and accommodation.

In return for your contribution...

In addition to our eternal gratitude, we assure you our maximum involvement into the project. You could benefit from rehearsal pictures as well as exclusive performance shots. Why not also a DVD of our show filmed in high definition. Additionally we are offering different exclusive experiences.

1 CHF = 0.65 GBP