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  • EUR 16.-23 taken

    Vinyl (personal delivery)ä

    You will receive our new EP hot off the press, including a transparent vinyl and all artwork prints as well as a download code. You can save the shipping costs - we will either hand it over to you personally, or we will find someone to give it to.

    Applies mainly to major Austrian cities and Düsseldorf in Germany. If you have any ideas on other ways to get the product postage free, just send us an e-mail.

  • EUR 24.-7 taken

    Vinyl (shipping included)ä

    You will receive our EP hot off the press to your home, including a transparent vinyl and all artwork prints and a download code. The offer is valid throughout the EU and the UK.

  • EUR 38.-13 / 20 taken


    You will receive our new EP as well as a limited «Tonbildpostkarte», produced by Vinylograph in Vienna.

    This is a DIN A5 postcard with a sound groove for your turntable, plus the surface will be printed with a special artwork of the artist Maxim Rogalski. You will hear a remix of «King Hazelnut vs. the Chinese Army», the lost fourth number of our EP.

    We will sign the card and add a catchy line from our poetic album.

  • EUR 80.-2 / 10 taken

    Friends Packageä

    For this package, we received support from musicians we know and love, and we're adding a selection of four more sound carriers - besides our own EP and the Tonbildpostkarte.

    theclosing - Matter, Anette Records (12", 2019)
    KOKO - KOKO, Self-Release (12", 2015)
    le_mol - Kara Oh Kee, Self-Release (12", 2015)
    Mozo Mozo - Mozo Mozo, Epileptic Media (Tape, 2020)

    It is worth mentioning that the post-experimentalists le_mol and the free jazz noise impro outlet Mozo Mozo also feature members of Mary-Ann Kiefer. theclosing add their onomatopoeic, sound-fiddled noisebeatsspheres monster album from last year. And KOKO are unfortunately no longer an active band, but with their record they have left the world an extremely exciting funky fusion of almost everything.

  • EUR 250.-1 / 3 taken


    This package is especially designed for other active musicians. We deliver our new EP hot off the press, together with the «Tonbildpostkarte» and remix the tracks of a song from your project. The remix will be published in the course of the coming year in coordination with you.

    We would be happy if you contact us before buying this package. We can then listen to your song together and exchange our ideas.

    If you like, you are also welcome to join the Online Listening Session as described above.

  • EUR 550.-1 / 2 taken

    Soundtrack Compositionä

    A nice compliment that we often receive is that our music is very well suited as a soundtrack for movies and games. For this package you will get an individual composition that you can use in your project. In addition, of course, you will also purchase our EP as well as a «Tonbildpostkarte» and an invitation to our Online Listening Session, on your request.

    We would be happy, if you contact us before buying this package so that we can talk and exchange ideas about your project.