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  • CHF 40.-18 taken

    Wild Flavour Chocolate Boxä

    There is no sustainable development for the Amazon without successful businesses. So, we are proud to produce the best artisan chocolate in Bolivia.

    We know it is no Swiss chocolate, but it is still damn good! Just give it a try for a good cause and you will not regret it. You will receive a box with three exclusive chocolate bars: One highlighting 70% the internationally awarded, wild-harvested cocoa from Carmen del Emero as main ingredient. The other two celebrating the flavours that can be found in Bolivia: maracuya and acaí from the Amazon forest and salt from the salt flats of Uyuni.
    (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 75.-7 taken

    Why not two?ä

    One is gone in no time. Why not take the opportunity to double the treat? You can even give the second Wild Flavour Chocolate Box as a unique present.
    (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 120.-13 taken

    Plant a Cocoa Tree ä

    You receive your Wild Flavours Chocolate Box and we will plant a cacao tree in the forest in your name, so you can take part in the effort to create 500 hectares of sustainable agroforestry in the Bolivian Amazon.

    As soon as the tree has been planted, you will receive a certificate with the exact GPS coordinates of your tree in Bolivia.
    (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 150.-7 taken

    Family Packä

    Why not secure this exclusive offer for the entire family? You will get four boxes of Bolivian Wild Flavour Chocolate to share with your loved ones.
    (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 220.-5 taken

    A Wild Year ä

    Do you want to be surprised? We produce several varieties of chocolate featuring gourmet ingredients found in Bolivia. You will receive our Wild Flavour Box and in addition you will find every two months a new box of chocolates in your mail with new surprising flavours, so 6 boxes of chocolate in total (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 360.-1 taken

    Death by Wild Chocolateä

    This is a precious opportunity to get your hands on an exclusive and unique product. Take 10 Wild Flavour Chocolate Boxes and surprise the special people in your life with a very lovely present!
    Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 1’500.-1 taken

    Become a Patronä

    You can help us protect the Madidi National park from anywhere in the world. Apart from receiving a Family Pack of four Wild Flavour Chocolate Boxes, as a big thank you, your name will be acknowledged on our website and on a plate in our charming chocolate shop in La Paz. Of course, we will also keep you up to date with the development of our project.

  • CHF 6’000.-0 / 10 taken

    Join Guillermo into the Wildä

    Follow in person the bean-to-bar- journey of the wild Bolivian cocoa, while discovering the gastronomic revolution happening in La Paz.
    Join José Guillermo for 7 days of pure adventure. Visit our factory and our boutique shop in La Paz to see how we promote sustainable development through wild chocolate. Enjoy also a personalised guided tour of «the haute cuisine heights of La Paz» as the Financial Times puts it, with exclusive restaurants such as Gustu (opened by the Co-founder of Noma in Copenhagen), featuring our chocolates and championing the little-known but astonishingly diverse produce of Bolivia. Then take a plane to Madidi National Park in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon rainforest to an Eco-lodge owned and managed by the indigenous Tacana families. While appreciating the exuberant flora and fauna, have time to learn and experience first-hand the route of the wild cocoa harvested in the Park. Trip planned for dry season in July-August 2020.