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Back the project «Naser – sustainable fashion»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 65.- wool scarf 0 / 3 takenä

    wool scarf

    you will get a beautiful wool scarf for the upcoming winter made special with our design

  • EUR 78.- recycled leather belt 0 / 2 takenä

    recycled leather belt

    you will get our recycled beautiful belt, luxury and pracical

  • EUR 80.- denim pant 0 / 20 takenä

    denim pant

    You will get our organic denim pant as a practical luxury denim for a lifetime.

  • EUR 85.- silk tie 0 / 5 takenä

    silk tie

    you will get a fully handcrafted tie,super luxury and elegant for men

  • EUR 85.- monogram scarf 0 / 10 takenä

    monogram scarf

    You will get our artistic monogram silk scarf that is fully handcrafted

  • EUR 99.- organic cotton shirt 0 / 5 takenä

    organic cotton shirt

    our heritage & legacy of craftsmanship will give you the chance to have an ethical organic cotton shirt yet with the best craftsmanship

  • EUR 300.- golden lapel suit 0 / 2 takenä

    golden lapel suit

    you will get one of a kind wool suit with our lapel signature

  • EUR 400.- women silk dress 0 / 1 takenä

    women silk dress

    you will get our artistic silk signature reflecting royalty and elegance

  • EUR 1.500.- Premium Naser experience 0 takenä

    Premium Naser experience

    a suit is not just a piece of cloth that you pick from the
    store rack and expect a hug and you provide an image with which you
    capture everyone's attention and trust. a Naser suit is a piece of you
    that has to have its birth celebrated in the best way possible. we will
    pick you up from the hotel with a luxurious car,, you have the chance to
    meet our creative director and founder Mr. Omar Naser and learn more
    about the soul of our company and ethics. Next, both of you will meet
    the tailors at our workshop and discuss about the style desired and
    choose our finest sustainable ethical materials .you choose the fabric
    and buttons and other element that will be the starting point of your
    premium bespoke suit. don't worry if you think you are not very good at
    deciding whats what, Mr. Omar Naser is there to guide you and discuss
    based on his experience of dealing with one of a kind handcrafted suits
    for specific customers. After that, you will try and feel the suit on
    your body, surely you will feel blessed. minor changes will be made so
    it will be 100% fitted for your body. to complete the day, we will fix
    the dates to come and verify that during the tailoring process,the suit
    as expected, perfect that is.

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

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