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Support us to make our voice heard being number one sustainable ethical fashion brand in the world and being people of change.


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Concluded on 27/9/2019

This is what it's all about.

Sustainability asks us at NASER as human beings to consider really deep questions about how personal relationships to nature and the ethics in our actions. We need to encourage on bringing personal values to work. We always need to come up with creative solutions and preserve innovation. We at Naser seek to be more organic and using renewable energy. We are always considering crucial key points that have an impact on our planet such as animal free, deforestation, water use, soil erosion, and energy use.

My project is special because ...

changing for the better to a new type of fashion industry based on ecological and holistic principles of closing the loop on materials that prioritizes our communities and values and respecting all the people in the supply chain.

This is what I need backing for.

By January 2020, we will be opening a special artistic workshop and showroom in Milan where it will cost its resources as well as humans,assets and facilities

buying and developing sustainable materials and making a full collection with creativity and sustainability, our established house codes that are interpreted and imagined each season, core products that can drive predictable recurring revenues and stores to sell them distributing it for the ready to wear retailers. we have a struggle since we don’t stand strong financially as a startup brand.