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Back the project «New Fanny&Douve's kits»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 20.- The Margherita 15 takenä

    The Margherita

    We need your help... So we've come up with a big, fat pot of play dough called Help! that smells like lilacs and will be sent directly to your home.

  • CHF 35.- The Cherry du Pizzaiolo 26 takenä

    The Cherry du Pizzaiolo

    Our famous Little Italy pizza kit with its 6 small jars that smell good the south and its great nomadic packaging will be sent to you, in preview.

  • CHF 35.- The Hawaiian 72 takenä

    The Hawaiian

    Our Rainbow kit with its 6 little jars in joyful colors like a rainbow and its great nomadic packaging will be sent to your home, in preview.

  • CHF 40.- The Sicilienne 3 takenä

    The Sicilienne

    To complete your modeling moments, we have imagined an apron and a tote-bag, both in fairtrade cotton. For the bag, printed in Switzerland, you can choose the visual of your choice (pizza or rainbow). All sent to your home!

  • CHF 60.- The calzone 38 takenä

    The calzone

    Can’t decide on your favorite kit? Don’t worry, choose both. The two kits, Rainbow and Little Italy, will be sent to your home in advance.

  • CHF 70.- The chef's pizza 4 takenä

    The chef's pizza

    The chef suggestion: a Rainbow kit with rainbow colors, an apron and a tote bag, made of cotton for your modeling sessions at home. All sent to your home, in preview.

  • CHF 75.- The complete 20 takenä

    The complete

    The complete set is well named. We propose you our Little Italy kit, a set of wooden accessories, which contains small utensils and even a mini pizza roller, all made in Jura. And finally, a tote bag for perfect modeling sessions.

  • CHF 130.- La surprise du chef 4 / 5 takenä

    La surprise du chef

    Vous nous l’aviez demandé alors on l’a fait: voici le Calendrier de l’Avent qui contient 24 petit pots livrés chez toi (avec les pochettes et les chiffres), frais de port inclus.

  • CHF 200.- La capricciosa (PRO) 4 takenä

    La capricciosa (PRO)

    10 kits Rainbow avec ses 6 petits pots aux couleurs joyeuses comme un arc-en-ciel, envoyés à ta boutique ou ton institution, en avant-première.

  • CHF 200.- La quatre saisons (PRO) 3 takenä

    La quatre saisons (PRO)

    10 kits pizza Little Italie, avec ses 6 petits pots qui sentent bon le sud, envoyés à ta boutique ou ton institution, en avant-première.

  • CHF 300.- The pizza party 2 / 4 takenä

    The pizza party

    The counterpart that parents AND children will love. We offer you to organize a magical birthday workshop in our Penthalaz lair with a gourmet snack and, above all, the making of modeling clay. Maximum 4 children, and from 5 years old!

Back without reward

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