We came up with this crazy project: two brand new, beautiful and most of all original boxes. Welcome to our Little Italy and Rainbow kits!

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Little Italie and Rainbow: our two new modeling kits

More and more of you are using and loving our modeling clay and that’s really magical. We know that children love to experiment with our modeling clay and that’s why we came up with this crazy project: two brand new, beautiful and above all original boxes.

The first box is called Little Italy and it is for the apprentice pizza makers. It contains 6 little jars that smell good Italy: Papa Pomod’oro, Aliva… Aliva, Magic basil, Gratuccio and two jars of Pronta pasta (because pizza dough is important too!) The second box called Rainbow is in the colors of the rainbow with 6 small pots of your choice.

The advantage of these boxes, apart from the fact that they guarantee hours of fun? They are nomadic, perfect for making playdough while traveling or elsewhere. And they’re beautiful and practical to give as gifts for birthdays and other occasions.

All our play doughs are made by our own hands, in Penthalaz, Switzerland. The boxes will then be sold in our partner stores and on fannyndouve.ch

Who are we?

Making play dough is like being a child again, in front of the magic of a recipe that takes shape chemically in the pan. You have to make the mixture and then cook it at the right temperature, while kneading, to give the incomparable texture of modeling clay.

Fanny & Douve’s Dough is made only with domestic and kitchen ingredients: water, flour, salt, food coloring, food flavoring, oil and cream of tartar.

They are entirely handmade in our workshop in Penthalaz, Switzerland, and we ensure the traceability of each batch «cooked» or manufactured.

What will your support be used for

The creation of these two new kits is at the end of the line and we need your little help to finish it.

Your support will be used to cover the costs of this new project, by financing the development of the flavors for these new modeling pastes and also the manufacture of the cardboard boxes, printed and made in Switzerland, for the packaging.

We have thought of a lot of great counterparts, some of which will allow you to discover these new products as soon as they are released and in preview. Yes, you are our VIP!

Thanks a lot for your support!

The Fanny & Douve’s Dough team