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  • EUR 20.-0 taken


    Your name written on our ’wall of donators’ !
    A thank you email !

  • EUR 50.-1 taken


    Postcards of the festival !

  • EUR 100.-1 taken


    A poster of the festival signed by all the artists and a DVD of the documentary of the festival !

  • EUR 200.-0 taken


    An invitation to our last day-brunch on August 28th as well as to all the shows of the festival !

  • EUR 350.-0 taken


    An ,ORIGINS’ bag with all kind of gifts in it, specially from the festival !

  • EUR 500.-0 taken


    A very special thank you that we will prepare for you during the festival with our artists !

  • EUR 1.000.-0 taken


    A talk with the organizers of the festival, who are artists themselves, around a good diner !