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Identity doesn’t have to be bound to one specific place! We decided to invite the cultural richness and the beauty of diversity through art, for one week in August at YACAISTEberlin !

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 14/8/2016

What is ,ORIGINS’ ?

Look at all these wonderful artists in our teaser !

,ORIGINS’ is an art festival organized by YACAISTEberlin and with which we want to invite the cultural richness and the beauty of diversity, for one week in August that will deepen and build up our visions of foreign countries and people through art.

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Why ?

In October 2015, we, the YACAISTEteam, sat together for a long talk. At that moment, the refugees’ crisis was a big theme all over Europe. We realized how sad it is to talk about a human being by just saying that he or she is a refugee. These human beings are bringing along with them their culture : legends, music, stories, myths, traditions.

We then realized that previous crises, emigration, financial issues or even love have always been reasons why we live here nowadays, why we are who we are, why we have the families we have.

So we decided to grab this opportunity and do more than just talk. We rise to the challenge and want to organize a festival during which we can travel around the world in just 8 days, moving from one discovery to another and learning from each other.

Are you in to support us in fulfilling our vision ? How can you help us ?

Our moto is ,keep it simple, make it happen’. We talked about our idea with artists for whom we have big consideration. All of them fully joined our values and motivations and accepted to rise to the challenge of making ,ORIGINS’ become real. And others joined us on the journey !

They all agreed to be paid by the donations that will be put in the ,hat’ on the evening of their performance. But we really want to refund their travel costs, provide the technical material, cover the festival’s expenses (food for the artists, filmmaker, technician, space rent etc.)

If you’ve always felt like ’oh I’d love to make something like that but I have no time, skills, energy for that’ then grab this opportunity to participate at the organization of a festival by donating some money and we will take care of all the rest.

How much do we actually need ?

As the crowdfunding-platforms usually have a principle of ’get it all or get nothing’, we decided to ask for the absolute minimum we need. But we’d rather need 8000€ than 4500€. Please spread the word and let’s make it happen !

How will we say THANK YOU ?

In many different ways ! The first and main one remaining that the
festival can take place, open minds, create beauty and sharings.

We will have a big poster on our walls with all your names written on it – so even, and especially, if you can’t be with us in Berlin during that week, you will be totally part of it !

But we are also preparing special gifts for you …

… posters of the festival signed by all the artists

… bags of the festival

… pictures of the festival

… a documentary about the festival

… an invitation to our last day-brunch on August 28th

… and more surprises to come !