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  • EUR 20.-5 taken

    The pictureä

    You will get our poster of the play «La Poésie de l'Échec», and if it makes you extra happy signed by the company members.

  • EUR 40.-38 taken

    Post from tourä

    A personal Postcard for you from Avignon directly!

  • EUR 80.-14 taken

    Rrrring rrring!ä

    From our Beatboxer «SpeakerB» and one company member of your choice we will record your personal ringtone on your mobile phone.

  • EUR 120.-6 taken


    A drink with the crew member of choice here with us in Fribourg!
    What do you prefer, a morning tea and coffee with croissant or a beer and ice tea on a terrasse? Your choice!

  • EUR 185.-7 taken

    VIP on tourä

    Choose a future tour date and you will get a free seat with your friend. On your seat you will find a little handmade surprise! Come and see whats going on backstage and have a drink after show with us!

  • EUR 250.-1 taken

    Full speed with the Jag'ä

    Yes we have an old and unique Jaguar XJ6!!!
    With our director personally you will drive through the city of Fribourg in his classy Jaguar.

  • EUR 300.-0 taken

    Thaï Massageä

    We are lucky to have two people who have completed a course in Thaï Massage!
    And this one is for you! Here in our cozy home in Fribourg/CH

  • EUR 500.-2 taken

    Picknick quite oddä

    The three actors of the play «La poésie de l'Échec» will put on their costumes, dive into their characters and you will have a delighted pick nick with «Marjolaine as Alice, Christa as Juliette and Florian as Antoine» in Fribourg/CH

  • EUR 900.-0 taken

    The fully monty smallä

    Get it all!
    A poster, a postcard, a free entry to one of our future tour dates and get a personalized ringtone on your cellphone by our Beatboxer «SpeakerB»

  • EUR 1.500.-0 taken

    The Full monty XXLä

    Well lucky you!
    Come and have a drive with the oldtimer Jaguar from our director, have a drink on the way and have free tickets and backstage entrance to all our future tour dates!
    It's with pleasure one of our Thaï Massage specialists will give you a one hour treat.
    Of course you will get a postcard from our adventures in Avignon.

  • EUR 2.000.-0 taken

    VIP in Avignonä

    Come and live with us in Avignon! We will give you one room for two nights in our appartement during the festival. Take in the vibe of this magique atmosphere and be part of the adventure!