The theatre company «Marjolaine Minot» goes to the Festival of Avignon! Not only with one but TWO plays! We have the chance to present «La Poésie de l’Échec» and «Non! Je veux pas». And we need you!

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 10/7/2023

This is what it's all about...

The Festival Avignon is one of the two biggest performing arts festivals in Europe. Every July the festival takes place in the center of Avignon. The city goes wild for 3 weeks. There’s a choice of over 1200 performances every day! The competition is fierce!

Going there is a big investment for every theatre company and as crazy as it sounds, we have a double theatre rent as we play with TWO productions in two different theatres:

  1. «La Poésie de l’Échec»
  2. «Non! Je veux pas» (family play)

Why not go for your dreams, why not go for what we believe in?! For two years we have been touring mainly in Switzerland and now we made the step to go further. We take the risk, we’re up for the challenge and we have a lot of respect for it and most of all, are excited about it!

This is where we're heading to...

The objective is to invite programmers and theater directors to discover our work and, if interested, to schedule our show in their venues in France. The goal is to be able to book a certain number of dates in order to organize a tour through the different regions of France, to meet new audiences, to exchange artistically and to enrich ourselves humanly.

This is why we need support

For our team of 8 people, the complete costs (without fees) for Avignon amount to 55’586 CHF including the costs of :

  • Transport: 3666 CHF
  • Accommodation 9’000 CHF
  • Meals 2’400 CHF
  • Theatre rental Théâtre 11 for «La Poésie de l’Échec» 19550 CHF
  • Theatre rental Présence Pasteur for «Non ! Je ne veux pas» 10’000 CHF
  • Light and equipment rental: 3’352 CHF
  • Professional fees and publicity expenses 7618 CHF Quite a sum! - that we don’t have.

With the sale of tickets, we try as much as possible to cover a part of the fees. We also ask for financial support from : Théâtre Nuithonie, the State of Fribourg, Migroskulturprozent and SSA!

We have received a first financial support of 20.000 CHF! This gives us courage! Our goal is now to be able to guarantee the entire operating and implementation costs!

To make our dream come true we are still missing 20’000 CHF, which we would like to reach with your help. We want to give all our passion and energy to make this happen, get out there and share what we have to offer. So with your support we can go to the Festival of Avignon OFF!

  • NON on tour 2022 a Venissieux!
    NON on tour 2022 a Venissieux!
  • La Poésie de l'Échec
    La Poésie de l'Échec
  • La Poésie de l'Échec
    La Poésie de l'Échec
  • Co-director Günther Baldauf
    Co-director Günther Baldauf
  • La Poésie de l'Échec
    La Poésie de l'Échec
  • On tour!
    On tour!
  • technicians on tour Lücu & Jay
    technicians on tour Lücu & Jay
  • Non! Je veux pas
    Non! Je veux pas
  • Non! Je veux pas
    Non! Je veux pas
  • Non! Je veux pas
    Non! Je veux pas