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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Medellín. But this may be of interest to you.
Science, Community, and Environment

LogAir: crowdmap air quality

Current available data on air quality isn't sufficient for avoiding exposure or for cities to develop effective policy. Generate real time data with our low-cost device, be part of the solution!
by Julieta, Nicolas, and Emmanuel, Geneva
190% funded
CHF 11’050 pledged
5 days to go
Agriculture and Environment

schmöck mol

Wir wollen Lavendel, Rosmarin und Thymian biologisch anbauen, ernten und destillieren. Aus dem Hydrolat und den ätherischen Ölen stellen wir Salben und Shampoos her. Ein geschlossener Kreislauf.
by Sibylle und Fabian, Frenkendorf
160% funded
CHF 4’493 pledged
5 days to go
Food, Community, and Environment

Liestal goes Unverpackt!

Wir bringen unverpacktes und nachhaltiges Einkaufen ins Stedtli!
by Abfüllerei-Basel/Liestal, Liestal
92% funded
CHF 41’597 pledged
10 days to go
Science, Food, and Environment

CO₂-Score of all foods

We aim to calculate the CO₂ balance of 109,000 food products - and to make this data publicly available free of charge. This still needs some preparatory work. Can you help?
by Manuel Klarmann and Judith Ellens, Zürich
136% funded
CHF 53’111 pledged
2 hours to go
Politics, Community, and Environment

Zukunft fürs Toggenburg

Die gemeinsame Liste der SP, Grüne, JUSO & Gewerkschaften im Toggenburg wird nicht von Konzernlobbys oder Grossspender*innen unterstützt, deshalb sammeln wir per Crowdfunding Geld für den Wahlkampf.
by SP Toggenburg, Juso Wil-Toggeburg, and Grüne Toggenburg, Wattwil
100% funded
CHF 5’033 pledged
7 days to go
Kids / Youth, tourism, and Environment

Stop Plastic! – Goa (India)

Help us launching an environmental awareness campaign in India! We fight plastic pollution, and protect the endangered marine wildlife of Goa.
by Swiss Cetacean Society and Ivan, Goa Velha and Lausanne
87% funded
CHF 17’469 pledged
3 days to go