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Back the project «Quality of Life PLUS»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 37.- Perpetuated + E-book 0 takenä

    Perpetuated + E-book

    Your name or desired pseudonym will be immortalized in the book as contributor (s). If you are listed in the first 10 (this reward), your name is separated from the rest of the highest, obvious place! In addition, you will receive a copy of «(Be) True Love - (Be) agree your life» in the form of a special e-book before publishing the book on Dec. 20, 2018 - absolutely free to download! (Will also make the e-book available as a Kindle Edition on Amazon)
    What are you waiting for?

  • CHF 51.- Personal dedication +++ 0 takenä

    Personal dedication +++

    In return for your donation, you will receive a copy of the first edition of «(Be) True Love - (Be) agree with your life» with personal signature and surprise goodie in the book!
    And best of all: You will receive the book on the very day of publication, so on 20.12.2018 delivered directly to your mailbox!
    Secure quickly now and belong to the very first!

  • CHF 95.- +++ Free Copy +++ 0 takenä

    +++ Free Copy +++

    It gets even better: You already have the book before the release, which will take place on 20.12.2018, because it flutters directly into your mailbox! With a printed, personal dedication to you incl. Original signature, the book will have its own special!
    This will be an absolutely unique, personalized print that no one else has with the printed, personal dedication and original signature!
    Come on, go, it would have been ...!

  • CHF 141.- Special cover +++ TOP choice 0 / 141 takenä

    Special cover +++ TOP choice

    There will be a total of 141 copies, which will receive a very special and absolutely unique cover. If you are fast and want to receive this special reward + extra bonus, you have to count to the first 56 helpers of 141 (of this reward), then you stand as an extra bonus your name as cover embossing on these 141 special books. WOW…

    So now get one of these 141 books from the special edition!

  • CHF 211.- Christmas Special 0 takenä

    Christmas Special

    You now have the opportunity to give one of your loved ones this fabulous book in a beautiful, designated gift box for Christmas. Of course I have not forgotten you, because you get a great surprise gift from me!
    But wait: I deliver - if you want this - the Christmas special incl. Surprise even before Christmas Eve personally to your home (CH, DE, A) and we will make a joint photo directly on site!
    Good? Then let yourself be surprised!

  • CHF 444.- 44% Lifetime discount 0 takenä

    44% Lifetime discount

    The free copy of «(Be) True Love - (Be) agree with your life» with a unique bookmark, you have guaranteed with this investment guaranteed.
    In addition, you get a LifeTime discount of 44% on future books and products from me! Sensational. Not?
    So then, let it crack and profit permanently!

  • CHF 699.- *** V.I.P. Member *** 0 takenä

    *** V.I.P. Member ***

    If you are ready to assist me in this regard, you are now at the top! So you're always one of the first to have my books in your pocket! And of course absolutely free!
    I'm not finished yet: you can criticize me! I think about your personal feedback and possible suggestions before production order of the works!
    In other words, you will also be present in future publications and you will be a VIP member forever!

  • CHF 815.- !Lecture in your city! 0 / 5 takenä

    !Lecture in your city!

    For a donation to this extent I will organize a lecture in your city or in the surrounding area (CH, DE, A)! You will receive the personal book from the lecture (first edition of 10 books) -GRATIS- with handwritten dedication and signature.
    (Of course, the lecture will take place before the release, which means you’ll get the book some time before it’s released!)
    You can also ask me at your request backstage in peace interview and with some questions.
    Do not let too much time in the decision! Make a reservation now!

  • CHF 1’850.- *Manuscript in calligraphy* 0 / 2 takenä

    *Manuscript in calligraphy*

    You will receive from me a HAND-Written manuscript in calligraphy writing & special cover with all the trimmings,
    You will not regret it!
    If you then also appear on one of the lectures, you also get the opportunity to interview me and I invite you to a culinary delight!
    So be faster than one of the only two and let yourself be surprised by our creativity!

  • CHF 4’321.- The book of your choice ..!? 0 / 3 takenä

    The book of your choice ..!?

    Have you always had a book request? Yes?
    Yeah. Then hurry up and tell me with this reward your book request. I will write to you about desired content in contact and consultation with you, write a book about your desired topic and call you a co-author! Madness...!
    With your commitment a first short run of this book is produced. Of course you also get here a free copy of the first edition of «(Be) True Love - (Be) agree your life» incl. Dedication and signature. Again before the sales start! Of course you also get a copy of your book proposal for free!
    It’s even better: We’ll share the future royalties from your dream project to 50%! What a crazy offer!

    Do not wait, it could be over any minute ...!

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