How, Where & What?

My motivation and the ambition to start this project evolved through my own life experience and the infinite situations, which always pushed me back to the beginning. This sparked in me the heart’s desire to prevent all imaginable people preventively, precisely NOT to get into these imbalances and zeros of life. So the basic idea is to show you advice as a counseling advice & serious information as well as mainly books, courses or seminars and later coaching ways to avoid just such desperate or blocking situations. Through various blogs (weblogs) in the fields; Relationship, personality, development, success, spirituality, consciousness extension, nutrition and health I will present you extremely competent, tested and important contributions as well as selected products on the blogs and mainly in the form of literature. On the one hand, you will now get free tips and useful information and, on the other hand, I will offer you paid products such as books, selected coaching’s and courses. I want to answer the most important questions of life of my target group and create a huge benefit for you as a fighter in everyday life.

The first product of my project, that is the first book to appear in the trade, and moreover, the reason for this campaign, refers to the daily and all-existing element ’LOVE’!

  • How do you recognize true Love?
  • What can you do to receive or radiate true Love?
  • How can the Life be loved?
  • Where or how can you find your dream partner?
  • How does lasting affection, understanding, acceptance, trust and appreciation arise?
  • Can daily harmony be experienced?
  • And, and, and…

Many more questions are answered in the book ’’Keep (True) Love – Agree (Decide) your life’’, accompanied by a truly beautiful and real love story of two eternally loving people! This book will have a very special nature, which you will not have seen in this format yet! In addition, the story, in the context of this book, will continue in future publications or stages of life and should immerse deeper and deeper into the subject matter.

Also may we convince you with our love whispering now!? Well then I am already looking forward to your participation and the resulting partnership.

Below you will find a little inspiration with the book cover and a little foretaste! (There will be more covers and also the special bindings will be published in the NEWS and maybe even with your name on it.)

Why shall you support my project of all things?

Of course!

Because I want to create an added value for humankind - above all in German-speaking countries - that does not (yet) exist in this way and to this extent (yet). So here we are talking about an unprecedented uniqueness.

Why my project really should go into the realization, I explain to you in a short, concise and in a nutshell text, which in turn represents My motivation and the joy of my actions:

With proper awareness and a balanced diet, you gain health, which in turn gives you more power for a happy relationship. Because once this is in the Lot, you will develop yourself personally and thus achieve your personal and professional success. Now you have time to devote yourself to the spiritual side of life to face your self-realization and a free life! Raffael Bearth

Next realization factor: The books should set a world in motion, open society’s eyes to certain points and bring to light many facts of clean consciousness. I want to help you to make the way to your wishes and goals with a certain ease, so that you too can live a self-determined, free and therefore happier life with full fulfillment and joys!

Another factor? Is not love just beautiful? We think everyone has a right to unconditional love! This is another reason why this project has to be realized easily!

Sustainability factor: With appealing design, the quality of the information and its efficiency, and of course the unique history behind it, a unique reputation should be created with total satisfaction. With my always authentic, humorous and yet discreet way I remain trustworthy and thus create additional value through conviction and motivation!

What exactly do you support with your commitment?

Your support will be used for the following items:

  • Enabling the production (binding, printing) of a large edition of 1500 copies of the first book, ’’Keep (True) Love – Agree (Decide) your life’’ SFR 14800.-

  • proofreading - SFR 1800.-

  • Hosting the (8) websites, main page + 7 blogs – SFR 3200.-

  • Completion and opening of 7 BLOGS – SFR 600.- (below the links of the BLOG’s under construction)

  • Own managed and developed online as well Offline marketing - SFR 1900.- (advertising campaigns, flyers, Business cards)

  • Organization of the lectures in CH / DE / A – SFR 3500.- (If you are fast, in your City or nearer Surroundings)

  • WeMakeIt Promotion Package for optimal results – SFR 2750.- (As mentioned, i want as many people as possible to reach)

In addition, during the campaign, I will offer you the opportunity to pre-order, so that you can definitely reserve one of the special copies of the first edition of 1500 pieces for you!