Choose your reward

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back without rewardä

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 10.-8 taken


    We will include you in our prayers.

  • CHF 15.-6 taken

    Mértola greetingsä

    We will send you a postcard from picturesque Mértola.

  • CHF 25.-25 taken

    Seed supporterä

    Your name will be painted on a beautiful wooden panel by our local artist and mounted at our seed storage.

  • CHF 50.-5 taken

    Organic wine from Mértolaä

    You will receive an organic red wine HDL from the pioneering winery Herdade dos Lagos from Mértola directly to your home (only in Europe).

  • CHF 50.-32 taken

    Organic Herbsä

    You get a package with sea-salt and herbs from Mértola.

  • CHF 70.-10 taken

    Rosmary Essential Oilä

    You will receive an essential oil with wild organic picked Rosmary from Mértola. Rosmary essential oil is said to
    help you work concentrated and with focus.

  • CHF 80.-3 taken

    Thymus Essential Oilä

    You will receive an essential oil with wild organic picked Thymus from Mértola. Thymus essential oil is a wonderful essence to use during autumn and winter times.

  • CHF 90.-22 taken

    Cistrose essential Oilä

    You will receive an essential oil with wild organic picked Cistrose from Mértola. Cistrose is a very powerful healing plant.

  • CHF 150.-12 taken

    Tree of loveä

    You can have a tree planted in the Agoecological Center for Regeneration and Syntropic Farming - Horta da Malhadinha, in Mértola, with your name or give the present to someone. We will attach the name to it and send you a picture.

  • CHF 200.-10 taken

    Spirit of Mértolaä

    You will receive this unique fragrance «Spirit of Mértola», a composition created of essential oils from wild picked organic plants from Mértola by Swiss frangrancy artist Blossom of «Apothecary of the Soul».

  • CHF 750.-6 taken

    Holidays in Mértolaä

    Spend three days in Mértola, staying at a beautiful place, including a guided tour and visiting the project sites.

  • CHF 1’000.-7 taken

    Member of Friends-circleä

    You deserve our humble thanks. We are honoured that you believe in our approach and give us the opportunity to further develop and improve. And, we are delighted to welcome you as a Member of Friends-circle of «Horto of Forgotten Varieties Al-Andaluz». Additionally, if you want to receive from us a reward, you can choose one from the rest of the list.