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  • CHF 25.- Lyfa organic groceries 0 / 10 takenä

    Lyfa organic groceries

    Zero waste, organic product from the Basel region. The guys from Lyfa are delivering organic food in reusable containers within Basel-Stadt - by cargobike of course! For everyone living in Basel this is a must-try! We've got a 25.- voucher for you to be redeemed online. 1 voucher per person.

  • CHF 30.- KHLEID 3 / 20 takenä


    Get a monthly clothing subscription at Kleihd for only 30.- instead of 60.- and rent 5 pieces of your choice for the entire month. For women who love to share! 1 voucher per person.

  • CHF 30.- Yoga @ Yogahaus Zurich 7 / 10 takenä

    Yoga @ Yogahaus Zurich

    Flow with Angela or Maya during a joyful one-hour yoga class in their beautiful studio in the heart of Zurich. Oh, and invite a friend to join you - because sharing is caring ♥
    1 voucher per person

  • CHF 40.- Yoga @ Livlab Lucerne 0 / 5 takenä

    Yoga @ Livlab Lucerne

    Deep Hatha, Vinyasa Flow or a Power Morning Kick class? Discover LivLab (by Bianca Sissing) in Lucerne, gift yourself or a friend with a yoga class and strip away any distracting layers with every flow. 
    1 voucher per person

  • CHF 40.- Womb Yoga 1 / 5 takenä

    Womb Yoga

    2 sessions of 60-mins online Womb Yoga with Rahel Landolt
    Circulate - Undulate, sway, breath and sound. Reconnect with the Sacred Feminine trough a yoga-practice that centres on your womb-area.

  • CHF 40.- Yummi Almond Butter & Card 3 / 3 takenä

    Yummi Almond Butter & Card

    A jar of the world's best Almond Butter - no artificial «schnick-schnack» - pure almonds - sweetened with medjool dates - just OMG, crazy yummy! Comes with a hand-written Thank you Card from us by post 💌

  • CHF 44.- Embodied Woman Masterclass 1 / 6 takenä

    Embodied Woman Masterclass

    A treat for your soul with feminine embodiment mentor Stephanie Cristina Engeli: A 120-minute digital video masterclass and feminine embodiment practice to reconnect you with your femininity, your heart, intuition and power, by being deeply rooted in your body.

  • CHF 50.- OÏOÏOÏ gift voucher 7 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ gift voucher

    A thoughtful and sustainable present for new parents! If you want a voucher with a higher amount, simply increase the number of 50.- vouchers you want to buy.
    Voucher will be sent to you by post or email
    Voucher can be redeemed online and is valid for 1 year

  • CHF 55.- OÏOÏOÏ MIDI trial month 10 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ MIDI trial month

    Test our MIDI bundle for a month for 55.- instead of 77.- ♥♥♥ This is an exclusive crowdfunding offer! You can start and cancel anytime with a notice period of only 1 month.

  • CHF 65.- Yamo Organic Babyfood 4 / 5 takenä

    Yamo Organic Babyfood

    Yamo Box of your choice with 16 products!
    Choose 1 of 5 Yamo boxes with with fresh, organic babyfood. One box contains 16 products and is delivered to your doorstep. 1 voucher per person.

  • CHF 65.- Nuts&Friends Granola Large 3 / 3 takenä

    Nuts&Friends Granola Large

    2 big jars or of superyummy Granola from Nuts & Friends - handmade in Zurich by Cyrill Badir!
    100% Bio. 100% Vegan. 100% Delicious. 100% LOVE!
    Home delivery included in price

  • CHF 90.- Granola+Almond Butter Dream! 12 / 12 takenä

    Granola+Almond Butter Dream!

    2 Jars of crazzzy delicious Nuts & Friends Granola plus the world’s best Almond Butter on top - Oh yeah baby!!! Both Handmade in Züri :) Pure madness - don’t miss out!
    Home delivery included in price

  • CHF 100.- 100 LIKES !!! 0 takenä


    Send OÏOÏOÏ your «love notes» to support the circular fashion for our tiniest human beings!
    Thank you for your support!

  • CHF 100.- For Daddys-To-Be!! 0 / 15 takenä

    For Daddys-To-Be!!

    Your best buddy is about to become a dad? Or is it you, who’s gonna be called papa soon? With this unique online-session from Nadja Brenneisen you’ll be ready for the big day of the baby's arrival and learn everything you need to know! For caring partners and loveliest daddies! ♥
    Nadja will share her wast knowledge and experience with you in a crisp online session to get you up to speed, dear Daddy! 💪🏼

  • CHF 200.- OÏOÏOÏ gift box 100.- 3 / 15 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ gift box 100.-

    Babyshower ahead and no suitable present in sight? We’ve got you covered! This is an exclusive crowdfunding offer! You’ll get a beautiful gift box with a baby throw, muslin cloth and baby booties, handpicked from our brands, together with a 100.- OÏOÏOÏ voucher. The box will be sent to you by post so you can hand it over personally.

  • CHF 240.- OÏOÏOÏ MINI 6m subscription 0 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ MINI 6m subscription

    Our mini bundle subscription for 6 months (instead of monthly) for only CHF 240 instead of CHF 264 (save 24 CHF). Start anytime!

    Bundle contains: 2 bodysuits, 1 trouser, 1 romper, 1 pyjama

  • CHF 300.- OÏOÏOÏ gift box 200.- 3 / 15 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ gift box 200.-

    Congratulations, you’ve got the perfect present for new parents! This is an exclusive crowdfunding offer! You’ll get a beautiful gift box with a baby blanket, a muslin cloth and baby booties, handpicked from our brand selection, together with a 200.- OÏOÏOÏ voucher. The box will be sent to you by post so you can hand it over personally. Voucher can be redeemed online and is valid for 1 year.

  • CHF 350.- The ultimate Prenatal Class 2 / 10 takenä

    The ultimate Prenatal Class

    Nadja Brenneisen combines techniques from hypnosis with ancient yogic instruments. As Doula she accompanies women during labor and knows which methods have proven to be efficient. In her online course she shares this valuable insights in over 10h of theory, practical checklists, 4 yoga videos, 5 guided breathing audios,...
    This is a holistic approach which reaches way beyond traditional prenatal courses by including the body, mind and emotions.
    The most complete, satisfying and calming prep for parents to be! ♥

  • CHF 430.- OÏOÏOÏ MIDI 6m subscription 1 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ MIDI 6m subscription

    Our MIDI bundle subscription for 6 months (instead of monthly) for only CHF 430 instead of CHF 462 (save 32 CHF). Start anytime!
    For your baby or as a gift for parents to be.

    Bundle contains: 4 bodysuits, 2 trousers, 1 romper, 1 pyjama, 1 pullover, 1 hat

  • CHF 550.- OÏOÏOÏ MAXI 6m subscription 2 takenä

    OÏOÏOÏ MAXI 6m subscription

    Our MAXI bundle subscription for 6 months (instead of monthly) for only CHF 550 instead of CHF 594 (save 44 CHF). Start anytime!

    Bundle contains: 5 bodysuits, 3 trousers, 2 rompers, 2 pyjamas, 2 pullovers, 1 hat

  • CHF 600.- Dinner for sugar mamas 0 / 4 takenä

    Dinner for sugar mamas

    Hey sugar mama! Do you want to get to know us? We surely do!
    We'll invite your for dinner at our place and a peek behind the scenes of OÏOÏOÏ baby.

  • CHF 700.- 700 LIKES !!! 💚 0 takenä


    Yes. We make sustainability accessible for young parents with our worry-free package that perfectly suits a functional comfy baby wardrobe. Thank you for supporting the Circular Economy!! 👏🏼

  • CHF 1’000.- 1000 LIKES !!! 💛 0 takenä


    Convenient. Sustainable. Worry-free. Stylish. Comfortable. Flexible. Yeay!! Thanks for loving what we do and for supporting our concept!

  • CHF 2’500.- 2500 LIKES !!! 💙 1 takenä


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND TRUST! Your contribution is amazing!

  • CHF 5’000.- 5000 LIKES !!! ♥️ 2 takenä



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